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Duck Liver Sausage 2022 譚師傅 臘味世家 鮮鴨膶腸500g

Duck Liver Sausage 2022 譚師傅 臘味世家 鮮鴨膶腸500g




鮮鴨膶腸採用即宰鴨肝製造,再配高濃度玫瑰露以及競選陳皮, 甘香回味。



Master Chef Tan is an inspirational story in restaurant industry. When he was young and dropped out of school, he started as an apprentice in Lianxiang Lou dim sum restaurant, and climbed all his way to the Spring Moon, Peninsula. Then started his business venture of restaurant supplies and developed well. The homemade cured meat project was originally just for retrieving the deliciousness of childhood, but he did not expect it to become a branch of the business after ten years of manufacturing.
Adhere to natural raw drying, high-quality materials, ready to be slaughtered, no additives.

Rose Meat sausage's fat is moderate, the lean meat is soft and loose. High proof Rose Wine is used hence shelf life is longer.

Like last year, regardless of cost, it aims to pay back to fans and never increase prices.


If you think Iberico ham, Chorizo and Salami are better than Cantonese cured meat, most probably you haven't tasted Tan’s cured meat before!


When Northerly wind cease, work will be closed. If you miss this season, you have to wait for next year!

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