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25 Nov 2022 Yummy Friday 美味星期五 蠔情蓋天



25 Nov 2022 Yummy Friday

美味星期五 蠔情蓋天 


且忘記紛擾的世事 ,盡情享受美麗的深秋。飽餐肥美的橫行公子,鮮甜的牡蠣公主早就躺平等待你。這個月的美味星期五,怎能少了你?

Let’s forget about all these crazy news around the world and appreciate the beautiful Autumn whole heartedly! Right after savouring the Price of Laterigrade, the juicy Princess of Oyster is waiting for you. How can you miss the Yummy Friday of November 2022? 

日期 / Date : 25 Nov 2022 

時間 / Time: 12:30 pm

地點/Venue: 南丫漁村酒家 Genuine Lamma Hilton Fishing Village Restaurant

菜單 / Menu

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