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About Us

Tina Cellar is the Queen of Cult! We are an unique wine importer who provides extraordinary cult wines and our strength is Cote D'or especially on Grower Champagnes. We provide professional advices on wine selections and we are your private sommelier who is here to nurture your unique taste.

天娜酒窖絕對是膜拜酒女王!我們是專門提供珍貴的膜拜酒及Cote d'Or (特別是種植者香檳)的葡萄酒進口商。正如我們的願景,我們團隊樂意為提供選擇葡萄酒的專業意見,同時我們也是您的"私人侍酒僮",囿育你的獨一無二的品味。


Our Mission 我們的使命

  • To promote wine as a hobby and lifestyle and make customer a lifetime buddy to share the enjoyment of wine
  • To provide professional advice for wine investors and collectors
  • To introduce fine & rare wines to the market
  • 葡萄酒視為一種興趣,視客人為摯友,天長地久地分享葡萄酒樂趣
  • 為收藏家及投資者提供專業意見
  • 為具潛能的產品建立品牌,使品牌升值,也為生產者及消費者增值


Our Mission Statement 我們的願景

Your Private Sommelier We Nurture Unique Taste



Our Team 我們的團隊

Christina Keung – Chief Executive Officer

Ex-General Manager of IWM Hong Kong, Christina is also the first Chinese female Wine Manager of Allied Domecq with extensive travel experience in wine countries. Solid experience with Pacific Cigars that focus of premium Havana cigars and Jacques Bogart, the biggest family own fragrance producers in Europe, her olfactory sense is well trained. Antique Chinese tea and purple clay pot are her other devils. Her taste buds were nurtured from her family Restaurant: the Genuine Lanma Hilton which has been established since 1970.

姜美儀 行政總裁

Christina來自有42年歷史的南丫漁村酒家,擁有26年開拓葡萄酒銷售管道的經驗,亦是"文君酒記" 作者。作為香港IWM的前總經理,Christina也是第一位擔任Allied Domecq公司的女經理,兼具豐富的葡萄酒國家的旅遊經驗。憑藉於太平洋雪茄公司和歐洲最大香水供應商的多年管理基礎,她的嗅覺早已經過嚴格訓練,建立了紮實和深厚的根基。另外,Christina亦鐘情於鑽研古色古香的中國茶和紫砂壺。她家族開設的餐廳-南丫漁村酒家,早於1970年,便已開始培育Christina獨有的味蕾。