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Muscat Trio Let’s date 3 at a time

All wine beginners find Muscat irresistible due to its charming floral note, especially note of roses. Nearly all wine country grows this varietal. For gracious and complex , you may have it from Rhone , Muscat de Baumes de Venise. For bright and lively, you may find it in Moscato D’Asti from Piedmont , Italy. And most of the time, they are made sweet.   I have recently encountered an amazing cold region Alsatian Muscat. It was like fully ripen fruits , nearly raisins on the nose with elegant white rose petals mingled with white tea and jasmine. I thought...

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Pride of Champagne – Avize 香檳區之光 – 阿維茲

Champagne 酒記 Wine

It has been trendy for quite a while in the States and Japan to pursuit Grower Champagne for enjoyment of character and terroir. HK as the Asian fashion center in every aspects should not stays behind. Among the 17 Grand Crus of Champagne, Avize is very remarkable for the number of old vines they have. As most wine lovers know wine made from “ vieilles vignes” will be extra complex due to the micro elements that their long roots can get from sub-soil.

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