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三會九千歲 3rd Date With 9 Thousand Years





日期 : 2021 年12 月11日


11:00am 品鑑三千二百年古樹普洱 1985 散茶

12:00pm 午膳配三千二百年古樹普洱 1985 1公斤青餅

01:00pm 甜品配三千二百年古樹普洱 1985 3公斤青餅消食

地點:旺角上海街555號香港康得思酒店6樓 明閣

費用:每位 HKD988+10%


3rd Date With 9 Thousand Years

Learning from the first <Dating with Your Excellency 9K Years>, the performance of the 3 formats of 3200-year-old ancient arbor Puer 1985 were spectacularly expressed during the second tea ceremony event. Tea fans were overwhelmed and demanded for the third one.

If you are a collector of large format wine and Champagne, you definitely understand the micro variance of loose tea, 1 Kg press cake and 3 Kg pressed cake. It is once in a blue moon that we came across 3 different formats of the same arbor and the same vintage. In addition to the refined culinary art of Mr Lee Yuet Fat of Ming Court of the Cordis Hong Kong at an ultra friendly price, it can hardly be resistible.


Date: 11 Dec 2021


11:00am guided testing of 3200 years old arbor Puer 1985 loose tea

12:00pm lunch paring with the 3200 years old arbor Puer 1985 1kg Green Cake

13: 00 Dessert paired with 3200 years old Puer 1985 3kg Green cake.

Venue: Ming court, the Cordis HK

Cost: HKD988 +10%


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