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把最好的給最關愛的人 Saved the Best for the Most Lovable


Saved the Best for the Most Lovable


Candies, biscuits and hard liquor are no longer popular for CNY gifts. How about something healthy, meaningful with good blessing message for your loved ones?

Tina Cellar prepare 5 Happiness selections for your considerations:



No. 1
Fermented Tofu from Tainan. Annual production two thousand bottles only. It is an artisan Fermented Tofu made by elderlies in a district centre of Tainan. It is all hand made without any additives. All incomes are for running this district centre. You will taste love and warmth from this Chinese chess. (HKD 128 up)



Natural Soya Sauce Douyobo from Ping Dong Tainan. It Is made of non-genetic engineered soya organically planted in their own plantation; also made with the artesian and traditional method. Glutine, iodine, preservatives, additives free. There are 7 different cuvees including a low sodium formula for your selection. For sure it will enhance the taste of your CNY cooking. (HKD118 up)



Naturally cured meat with warm body pork. This is the 4th year we launched this delicacy. As usual, it is 100% natural without additives nor preservatives, and as popular as it is always is. (HKD188 up)



Authentic Mandarin Peel (Citrus reticulata Chachiensis) from the Premier Cru Shuang Shui Village of Xin Hui county of Guangdong. It is made by the grower and it passed the EU Insecticide Residue Test. It tastes good and good for the well being.



Last but not least, the Tina Cellar’s selection of biodynamic wine. To match with the above delicacies, Rhone wine would be lovely (HKD 248 up), of course Champagne (for celebration HKD420 up) as well.

Feel free to contact us to tailor made your special combo.

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