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傻人傻福 Blessing For the Silly


今天的果皮 明天的黃金









Blessing For the Silly

How to turn tutti fruity into gold.

My uncle spoils me. He always buys me tea when he pays visit to his home town. Once he bought me Puer Tea stuffed in tangerine peel. Aged Mandarin peel and Puer tea are supposed to be good for digestion. I tasted it and hated it because both tea and peel were not authentic. Since then, I try to avoid this type of product.

Leading wine and dine tour is not easy. I might come across difficult tour mates, not to mention trivial chores like transportation, luggage, immigration and customs. These may get me on my nerve. I still enjoy doing cause I am a foodie.

Last weekend I organized one to Foshan. The basic instinct of a gatherer push me to shop again though I know I have more than enough materials for the rest of my life. While waiting for the returning train, I glimpsed at a small store in the train station and found a product with the name of the top appellation of Mandarin Peel : Dong Jia. It turned me on .

Top Mandarin Peel is from Xin Hui county in Guangdong. It has healing effect for indigestion and strengthening liver. Top Mandarin Peel is like burgundy wine. Its style varies from different villages though they are very close to each another. The best appellations are surrounding the Nizi Pagoda: Dong Jia, Xi Jia, Mei Jiang, Tian Ma and Cha Keng. Position of these 5 villages is like the 5 First Growth of Haut Medoc Grand Cru Classe.

The product I glimpsed was Puer tea stuffed in Mandarin Peel, I refused it subconsciously. However, it is rare to come across authentic Xin Hui DongJia on the market. I made use of the last 20 minutes before the train left, I demanded the shopkeeper to open the lid of the can and let me smell.

Before the inner lid was opened, I smelt a very elegant and refined aroma punching on my face. When the inner lid was opened, I saw individual vacuum-packed sachet. I could smell authentic Dong Jia without tearing off the sachet. It smelt even better than the 2017 Dong Jia I collected. After comparing similar products from other villages, I decided to take the Dong Jia though it was the most expensive.

Once I arrived home, I brewed it immediately. I was surprised that the Puer tea was 5 year old first flush of the Bu Lang Mountain. Very naturally made.

The healing effect was remarkable. After two doses, the pain I felt around my arm pit was gone. This was caused by fatigue and overate.

Perhaps Lady Fortuna kisses silly. Goodies are meant to be shared. Be quick and take this exceptional vintage. Who guarantees how the price appreciates in 8 years when the Mandarin peel matured?

Xin Hui Dong Jia Old Tree Mandarin Puer Tea
360 gm HKD 800


Terms 條款
1. Pre-arrival products, ETA 10 working days upon confirmation of payment.預售貨品。確認付款後十個工作天內送貨。
2. 100% advance payment. Goods sell while stock lasts.百份百預付確認訂單。售完即止。
3.Price does not include Hong Kong local delivery. Courier charge HKD 50 per piece.費用不包香港本地速遞費每件HKD50。
4.For purchase of HKD 3000 or about courier charge wavered.購滿HKD3000免費送貨。
5.For Macau and mainland China delivery, freight and duty will be quoted separately.澳門國內運費及稅費另報。


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