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Blonde with a Brain 聰慧美少女

Blonde with a Brain

Date back to the late 70’s, every sizzling summer when my rustic family restaurant had got only ceiling fans, it will be time for rose. Needless to say, Mateus was the most popular in those days. Some sophisticated guests brought Rose D’Anjou, some brought Tavel. They were all awesome. With the very limited resource of wine knowledge, my mentor told me, Rose D’Anjuo should be drunk young while Tavel could be aged for several years.

With the increasing popularity of the New World wine, there were more and more roses on the market. With my very shallow experience, I could not tell why the rose were getting less appealing and serious wine lover tends to avoid them. Rose should be ideal for summer while sailing and enjoying BBQ, I guess it must be the over production and nouveau style that keeps serious wine lovers stay away. Some guys describe it as a dumb blonde with good appearance but no brain.

Last November, I open a bottle of biodynamic rose made by Des Domaines les Carabinieres. The colour is like bright garnet with a very appealing strawberry aroma that reminds me of the Pink Panther white chocolate in a very natural way. While I doubted if it was only the fruits it could offer like most common place rose; it kept surprising me with layers of floral and fruity notes such as violate, white rose, white tea, peach, cranberry, red currents, minerals and very elegant, subtle sweet spices in between. Christy my ex-assistant called is a teenager blonde with a brain. So mean but so true, it is eye catching and also with much content. I dare say she is really a heart breaker. When I further study the wine, average vine age is 50 years old. Gosh, it looks young but with the wisdom of a granny. 


回想70年代的盛夏,咱們家的山村小店只有樓底吊扇的年代,往往是桃紅酒出沒的時候。不消説,俗稱"碼頭老鼠"的Matues Rose當時最受歡迎。好些識貨的人客會帶法國的Rose D’Anjou 或Tavel Rose 來享用。兩者皆佳。當年有限的資訊,前輩們教導D’Anjou喝嫩齡,Tavel可以陳。 




50% Grenache, 20% Cinsault, 15% Clairette, 15% Syrah

50% 格納殊,20%珊索,15% 卡列茲,15%施赫




原價Original price HKD228

早鳥價Early Bird Price HKD188

最低起訂量 Min Order 12 bottles

早鳥價有效期Early bird price valid until 31 Jan 2019

Terms and Conditions :

-Pre-arrival products ETA Mid March 預售貨品
-100% advance payment to secure order百分百預付確認訂單
-Availability subject to written confirmation 供應量須書面確認
-Minimum order HKD3000 for HK local free delivery or surcharge of HKD150 訂單三千港幣以上免本地運費, 或附加費港幣150
-In case we loss the bid , full amount to be refund without interest within 14 working days.如不中標,全數貨款14工作天以內不含利息奉還
-Macau and PRC delivery charge and duty to be quoted separately.澳門國內運費稅費另報


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