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濃稠化不開 布諾▪賈科薩 The Concentrated Bruno Giacosa

濃稠化不開 布諾▪賈科薩

去年真的是 “死得人多“, 包括一代意大利釀酒巨擘 布諾▪賈科薩。

布諾是家族第三代當家,15歲因二戰綴學並開始繼承父輩手藝。由於他的完美主義,從選料到釀製都一絲不苟,早在1960年便與GAJA和PRDUTTORI DEL BARBAREESCO 齊名,被譽為最佳的芭芭萊斯科酒莊。布諾是首個以單一莊園名稱灌瓶。他接手時,他們還是從農戶處採購最好的葡萄, 而且出了名要求高。1982年開始,他們自己置了莊園,面積不大只有20頃。但全個芭芭萊斯科村最優質兩條小村出產的葡萄依舊由他們家囊括。

幾許法國酒粉絲很難接受皮埃蒙特的巴羅洛( 酒王) 或芭芭萊斯科( 酒后)。因為習慣了法國酒的精緻細膩,受不了兩“BAR“ 的磅礴。但對於布諾的作品卻難以抗拒,因為他們家使用與康帝一樣的法國勃艮第木桶。使酒宏偉中有纖巧。


隨著他的離世,2007 年以前的年份為收藏家爭相競投,因為他2008年中風,2007 是他狀態最好親自監製的最後一根年份。

不論投資或珍藏,賈科薩都是有價有市的大藍籌 !

The Concentrated Bruno Giacosa

Last year is a very sad year cause lots of remarkable figures past away including the thumb authority of the time in Piemonte wine Bruno Giacosa.

Bruno is the 3rd generation of his family wine business. He quit school at 15 due to the World War 2. He was a perfectionist and never missed a single detail in his section of grape that earned him the recognition as one of the top 3 Barbaresco producers together with Gaja and Pruttori del Barbaresco in 1960. He is the first producer that bottle his Barbaresco with single vineyard. When he succeeded the business, they were buying grapes from grower. In 1982, they acquired their own, now they have 20 hectares. Yet the best grapes from the best 2 villages in Barbaresco are still providing grapes for Giacosa.

Many French wine fans cannot accept the 2 “Bars” of Piemonte, Barolo (regarded as the King of Wine) and Barbaresco (the Queen of Wine). Most likely it is because of the finesse of French they are so used to and do not accept the over-whelming character of the 2 “Bars”. However, they find Giacosa appealing because it is aged in Burgundian barrique from the same suppler of DRC’s. Wine fans will find delicacy under the majestic structure.

Most connoisseurs in the world agree that in terms of concentration, the top 3 producers should be: Bruno Giacosa from Piemonte, Miani from Friuli and Jean Louis Chave from Rhone.

As Bruno left, the vintage of 2007 and before are most sought after because he got a stroke in 2008 and 2007 was the last vintage under his supervision when he was well.

No matter for investment or cellaring, Bruno Giacosa is a big blue chip.

Bruno Giacosa Offer

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-100% advance payment to secure order百分百預付確認訂單
-Availability subject to written confirmation 供應量須書面確認
-Prices do not include Europe to HK consolidated air- shipping. Cost of shipping to be quoted according to order quantity separately 價格不含歐洲到香港集裝空運費用,視乎訂貨量另報
-Minimum order HKD 3000 for HK local free delivery or surcharge of HKD150 訂單三千港幣以上免本地運費, 或附加費港幣150
-In case we loss the bid , full amount to be refund without interest within 14 working days.如不中標,全數貨款14工作天以內不含利息奉還
-Macau and PRC delivery charge and duty to be quoted separately.澳門國內運費稅費另報


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