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Castello dei Rampolla 藍寶拉酒莊

Castello dei Rampolla

What is the first winery pop up in your mind when people mention about Italian wine? The iconic super Tuscan? Or the Piedmont famous duo Barolo and Barbaresco? Today we are going dig deep to the third generation of the Super Tuscan - Castello dei Rampolla.
Everyone knows that Tenuta San Guido began cultivating Cabernet Sauvignon vines in the late 1940s, and it debuted Sassicaia, the original Super Tuscan, in 1968. Alceo di Napoli, the owner of Castello dei Rampolla, was inspired by the master of winemaking - Giacomo Tachis, to plant his own Cabernet Sauvignon and craft his own Bordeaux-style wine, Sammarco, which debuted in 1980. Like Sassicaia, Sammarco shows the deft hand of the great consulting enologist Giacomo Tachis, the force behind Tignanello, Solaia, Camartina, and other Super Tuscans. The Cabernet has always been aged in French oak barrels, with an increasing move towards larger 500-liter formats, while the Sangiovese sees only cask. Alceo passed the estate on to his children, Luca and Maurizia, who took the estate biodynamic in the '90s.
Today, this centuries old, family-run estate crafts some of the most highly regarded wines of Toscana--its recent releases have garnered wild praise from critics and cognoscenti alike. If you have always been the fan of Bordeaux-style wine, you should give it try! I promise you will get more than satisfied! 


一提及意大利葡萄酒,你會想到什麼?是大名鼎鼎的超級托斯卡納(SuperToscana)?還是皮埃蒙特雙驕巴羅洛(Barolo)和巴巴萊斯科(Barbaresco)?今次我們來探討被譽為第三代超級托斯卡納的新星 - 藍寶拉聖馬可乾紅。
眾節周知,早在1940年代,聖圭托酒莊(生產西施佳雅的酒莊)就已開始種植赤霞珠。這40年間,酒界不僅有了西施佳雅,還出現了Tignanello、Solaia、Camartina,都是知名的超級托斯卡納酒款,它們不約而同出自義大利國寶級釀酒師-泰吉斯 (Giacomo Tachis)之指導,聖馬可乾紅亦在其中。
許多人對於藍寶拉酒莊可能感到陌生,事實上,藍寶拉家族 (Di Napoli Rampolla Family)自1739年起便以生產優質葡萄在於托斯卡納占有一席之地。1964年,酒莊創始者阿爾席歐 (Alceo di Napoli)引進波爾多葡萄品種,生產的第一個品項稱為聖馬可乾紅,赤霞珠占大多數,混有少部分桑嬌維塞。第一代的聖馬可干是60%赤霞珠和40%桑嬌維塞並於2003年加入梅洛。 阿爾席歐過世以後,兒子路卡 (Luca)以及女兒瑪麗西亞 (Maurizia)其後於90年代起更採用生物動力自然農法。此酒口感層次分明,媲美波爾多級數酒,一上市就深獲好評。只需用相宜的價錢,就可品嘗到一級酒莊的味道,性比價極高,如果一向喜愛波爾多的你,不妨搞搞新意思,我保證此酒不輸彼酒! 


The 1983 Sammarco is dark, rich and powerful, with plenty of tertiary character in its hints of torrefaction, smoke, worn-in leather, menthol, licorice and dark-fleshed fruit. Although fully mature, the 1983 has maintained considerable intensity for a wine of its age. Still, the time has come to finish any remaining bottles.
Assemblage:  Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot
Rating:  90 Points (Galloni)
1983年的聖馬可呈暗紅色,豐富而強勁,具有烘焙,煙薰,老皮革,薄荷,甘草和深色肉果的味道。雖然完全成熟,但1983年對於同齡葡萄酒來說仍然老而彌堅。 現時享用最完美。


Expansive, mellow flavors of plum and black cherry mingle with chocolate and tobacco in a warm envelope of velvety tannins in this ripe, elegant wine. It’s still two or three years away from smoothing out.
Assemblage: Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot
在這款成熟優雅的葡萄酒中,李子和黑櫻桃的濃郁醇厚口感與巧克力和煙草混合在一個柔和的單寧中。 兩三年後的享用更佳。


The 1996 Sammarco is one of the many highlights of the 1990s. The tannins have now softened, but there is plenty of fruit left. Graphite, smoke, black cherries and plums add further layers of nuance. One of the more lithe, mid-weight wines in this vertical, the 1996 is all about grace. I very much like the sense of freshness here. It’s elegant, complex, pure and well-balanced.
Assemblage: 85% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Sangiovese blend aged 18- 24 months in wood
Rating: 89 RP (Robert M. Parker, Jr.)
1996年聖馬可是20世紀90年代的亮點之一。 單寧已柔化,水果香氣依舊。 石墨,煙薰,黑櫻桃和李子豐富了葡萄酒的層次。 它優雅,複雜,純淨,平衡。
評分:89 RP(Robert M. Parker,Jr。) 


Castello dei Rampolla Sammarco is an elegant and expressive wine with a bright garnet red color. The warm and enveloping olfactory spectrum first reveals small black fruits in jam, rhubarb and green pepper, then carob, cardamom, mint chocolate, suffused graphite minerality and a memory of star anise. The sip is marked by vigorous tannins and marked acidity, with a finish on boisé memories. Excellent served with roast red meat, game and game.
Assemblage: Cabernet Sauvignon (90%), Sangiovese (5%), Merlot (5%)
2003年的聖馬可,優雅而奔放,明亮的石榴紅色。 首先會被黑漿果,大黃和青椒中的小黑果的香氣圍繞,然後是長豆角,荳蔻,薄荷巧克力,充滿石墨的礦物質和八角茴香。 入口是單調強勁的單寧和明顯的酸度,它的餘韻會令你想起橡木的香氣。 配紅肉和野味最佳。


The 2011 Sammarco displays a dark, inky color with aromas of blackberries and dark currants woven together with spices, pepper, smoke and violets all coming through beautifully on the nose. This full-bodied red shows remarkable depth and concentration with excellent underlying acidity and layers of dark fruits and exotic spices cascading onto the finish. While this Sammarco is already showing many impressive qualities at this early stage, it is still quite youthful and will ultimately require at least a few more years to mature.
Rating: 95 points (Robert Parker), 94 points (James Suckling)
Assemblage: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sangiovese
2011聖馬可呈現深色,墨色。交織著黑莓、黑醋栗、香料、胡椒、煙薰和紫羅蘭等香氣。 濃郁,非凡的深度和濃度。底蘊是精彩而含蓄的的酸度和層次分明的黑漿果。餘韻有如瀑布般流放東方香料味。 這麼嫩 齡,已如此精彩難忘,還需多等數年漸趨成熟。(最佳2019 - 2034年)



Fragrant purple flower, ripe black skinned fruit and dark spice aromas slowly emerge on this savory blend of 90% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Merlot and 5% Sangiovese. Full bodied and succulent, the smooth structured palate delivers crushed raspberry, black currant, star anise and chopped mint alongside a backbone of firm polished tannins. (Drink 2018– 2024)
Assemblage: 90% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Merlot and 5% Sangiovese
Rating: 93 points (Robert Parker)
香氣撲鼻的紫色花朵,成熟的黑漿果和香料的香氣慢慢浮現。 酒體飽滿而豐腴,口感順滑,帶覆盆子,黑醋栗,八角茴香和薄荷以及堅實的單寧。(最佳2018 - 2024年)


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