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梅開二度盞盞紅 Go All Black Again


天娜茶語 :梅開二度盞盞紅


我國的紅茶工藝早已征服了全球茶迷。中國三大名紅是 祁紅、滇紅、及川紅都被飲加推崇備至。紅茶的好處和保健功能多不勝數。今次茶聚,除了品嚐精品紅茶,還可以嚐到李日發師傅,為紅茶特有的玫瑰香荷蘭花香,用極稀有的瓊瑤漿桃紅酒炮製的點心,為您創造嶄新的茶、酒、食配的經驗。叫人一試難忘!其中一千五百年古樹紅茶,是以嶄新的手法製造,好品如潮,不容錯過。


日期 :  2022年9月24日星期六

時間 : 12:00 - 15:00pm

地點 :  旺角上海街555 號康得思酒店6/F明閣

費用 :  每位 HKD928  + 10% 


Tina’s Tea Talk:  Go All Black Again

This is not about the New Zealand Ruby team, but the black tea we are going to feature. Due to the over-whelming result of our last Go All Black tea workshop, we shall work with the Cordis Hong Kong again to present you the fine and rare tea guided tasting lunch.

The craftsmanship of black in China has conquered the tea fans of the whole world. The top three renowned black teas in China are: Qimen Black (Cantonese transcription Keemen) , Yunnan Black and Sichuan Black, and they have always been the most sought after black tea on the whole planet. The merits and well being functions of the black tea are countless. In the workshop, other than tasting beautiful black tea from Tina Cellar’s collection, you may enjoy the dish tailor made by Executive Chef Li Yuet Faat to enhance the unique orchid and rose aromas of the black tea by the extremely rare Rose wine made from Gewürztraminer. He offers you a brand new experience of wine, tea and dine. We are here to surprise you. Among the tea we are going to taste, the 1500 Years Ancient Arbor Yunnan Red is made with an unprecedented technique.

It is so popular that you should not miss.

Date :  24Sep 2022 Sat

Time :  12:00 to 15:00pm

Venue : Ming Court at Cordis Hong Kong 555 Shanghai Street

Cost :  HKD 928  + 10% per person


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