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情執意更執 隨緣也攀緣 . . . Love at First Bite


情執意更執 隨緣也攀緣









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  • 預售貨品。百份百預付。預計到貨時間為2018年11月15日。
  • 數量有限,先到先得。
  • 不設送貨,歡迎自取,取貨地址:12/F 無限極廣場(上環地鐵站E出口)。
  • 如須安排快遞,費用另報。
  • 客人如欲補貨,預訂須時三個月。

Love at First Bite

My friends know that I am persevering. Sometimes it is not that bad when it comes to being greedy to good food.

People called fermented tofu Chinese cheese. I guess it makes sense. Most Asians are lactose intolerance and drink mostly soya milk instead of milk. The making of fermented tofu is the same as that of cheese. It is a pity that most fermented tofu producers lack craftmanship. Most of those available on the market are of low quality with additives. Some time I do not understand why a pot of well- made lamb casserole is served with a small plate of tasteless plastic fermented tofu. And the freshly shredded lemon leaves make it taste even more pathetic.

7 years ago, I came across a bottle of good stuff, a bottle of Taiwanese style fermented tofu with rice and soya. I opened the lid and smell Sake and soya. It was fresh and pure at the first bite, and the flavor was very vivid and capricious. It was like a drama on your taste buds. I am sure that it was a love at first bite.

I compared among a dozen of similar products available on the market. All of them were with additives and over intervened. I quote my very good friend, Desmond Chang’s remarks: Like kissing a Geisha.

As my usual perseverance, I dug out the producer. It is indeed made by the volunteer workers, all housewives from the neighborhood, who take care of the elderlies in a district center of a eco-friendly farming community in Yuejing county of Tainan. They sell the fermented tofu to raise fund for operating the day care center. All ingredients and processes are natural without additives and chemicals. No wonder I tasted warmth and kindness in it.

I do not want to hard sell, it is no big money. Very tiny production and they insist 3 months bottle age before releasing. You will see maturing time on bottle. The maximum they can make is around 200 bottles a month. I took risk of Frozen Shoulder and carried 48 bottles from Tainan last week.

Would you pair your nicely cooked lamb casserole or private reserve bottle of red wine with a plastic fermented tofu?

Nowadays we pursue fermentation of political scandals and paparazzi news. Why don’t we focus on the fermentation of wine and relish in the bottle to ease our ears and entertain our taste buds.

Terms and Conditions

  • Pre-arrival products 100% advance payment ETA 15 Nov 2018
  • Goods sell while stick last, first come first serve.
  • Delivery not included, self pick up please. Pick up point: 12/F Infinitus Plaza, 199 Des Voeux Road Central (MTR Sheung Wan Exit E)
  • If you need courier service, we should quote separately.
  • For replenishment order, 3 month order lead time. 


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