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第十九變 Many Invention and Discoveries are by Chance




 喝光了第一泡,再加冷水造第二泡;擱在冰箱忘記了 !泡了72小時,竟然有驚喜!給出香香的水蜜桃味!當然還有它第一泡的玫瑰、蘭花、荔枝、蜜糖、香草味! 這茶太好玩了。讓我想起了某位來自北亞的星級大廚。他年輕有為,給我們城中美食大亨相中了,重金禮聘來香港主理一家時尚高級餐廳。行家帶他到南丫島小號享受海鮮餐。我用五百年古樹滇紅冷泡作為餐前飲料。 小鮮肉俊廚問: Christina,這是啥果汁?怎地好喝!我告訴他,這是茶。他又問:那您調了什麼水果呀?果味很香唷? 我說: 這就是茶呀!沒水果。 


不怪他呀!畢竟這單株茶(採自同一棵樹)年產才20公斤,喝過的人不多。不過他的味覺果然了得, 不然也不會得到美食大亨的青睞。還沒正式開業,定位也要等一個月。一定要正式開業前捧場。歡迎酒友參與。

這茶尚餘少量, 2021年這麼纖巧細膩的年份,可遇不可求!


50克 HKD425 (不設送貨)


2022429 星期五 免費品茶

地點: 上環德輔道中199號無限極廣場20樓

時間: 12:00pm 至 6:00pm 期間隨時恭候




Many Invention and Discoveries are by Chance

Last month, to entertain my foodie friends, I made a cold brew 500 Years Old Ancient Arbor Yunnan Black tea. In a rush I added 5 grams more. I had no time to adjust and let it be. Everybodies were happy.

We finished the first infusion. I add more cold water and made the second brew. I left it in the fridge and forgot. After 72 hours, the tea surprised me with very an aromatic white peach flavour on top of all the aromas it offers in the first brew including: rose, orchid, lychee, honey and herbs. This tea is really awesome! It reminds me of a young handsome North Asian star chef. He is very talented and the famous foodie tycoon in town invited him to open a high end nouveau cuisine restaurant in Hong Kong. Another chef friend brought him to my Lamma kitchen to enjoy seafood. I used this cold brew tea as the welcome drink. The young handsome chef asked: Christina, What kind of fruit juice is it . It’s so delicious! I told him that it was tea. He kept asking: What kind of fruits did you mix? It’s so fruity. I told him that it is tea only.

My friend reconfirmed him that it was tea only. The handsome chef grinned slightly embarrassed.

We cannot blame him. After all the annual production of this single arbor tea is only 20 kg, not many people have tasted it. However, his taste buds are really sharp. No wonder our gourmet tycoon would not have headhunted him. Booking of his new restaurant during soft open period has to be waited for one month. I must go before the grand open. Please feel free to join me.

We still have small quantity of stock .2021 is really an exceptional vintage with much elegance and finesse.

Yunnan Baoshan Changning 500 Years Old Ancient Arbor Dark Tea 2021 Spring Harvest

HKD 425 / 50 g (No delivery) 


Free Tasting on 29 April 2022

Venue : 20/F Infinitus Plaza 199 Des Voeux Road Central Sheung Wan

Time : 12:00pm to 6:00pm feel free to walk in

Appointment welcomed 


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