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歌須當 有麝自然香 Modest Wine Maker Glows


歌須當 有麝自然香








Modest Wine Maker Glows

I led a wine tour in 2014 visiting prominent Rhone producers. All my suppliers recommended Domaine Coursodon. They emphasised it is a must go estate. In those days St. Joseph wine was not very well known. However, among my tour mates Coursodon was the most popular Domaine that out shone the famous Gigual and George Vernay.

Domaine Coursodon has always been a father and son business harnessing 16 hectares of vineyard of a very steep slope at nearly 45 degree. It is really tough manual works under the harsh environment of snowy winter and sizzling summer.

The beauty of wine is that it is like a human life; no pain no gain. It is the same to wine, the harsher the condition, the better the wine. The Mistral in the Mediterranean and the steep slopes make the vine deeply penetrate to the ground, and the skin of grape become thicker. Hence mineral and tannin level is higher. These conditions also make using of machine impossible. The harsher the environment, the better the grape. Their production of whites is tinnie winnie. Very seldom that they have allocations for Asia. We are so fortunate to have some this year. Make haste my dear wine buddies!

Like classic Northern Rhone, Domaine Coursodon is full bodied and concentrated. Minerals, bouquet and fruitiness constitute a very good balance, well structure and grand.

The very low key Jerome was voted as the Wine Maker of the Year in 2019 by the Society of Sommeliers and the Toques Lyonnaises. I was happy for him cordially cause he deserved it. At the same time, I was afraid that their price would go up. It happened indeed. Comparing 2014 price, it went up 40%. AS he acquires more trophies, there is still room to appreciate. My 2014 tour mates should be very happy now.

Last but not least, Coursodon white is exceptional, rich, concentrated, grand and majestic. The distinctive toffee and butter scotch lingers on and on in my throat. I promise you that it out performs big houses Meursault. 

White Wine
Domaine Coursodon vin de table Etincelle 2020 ( Viognier / Roussane) 0.75
Original HKD 388 /btl
Early Bird HKD 328/btl

St Joseph Blanc
Coursodon St Joseph Blanc Silice 2020 0.75
Original HKD 488/btl
Early Bird HKD 418/ btl

Coursodon St Joseph Blanc Paradis St Pierre 2020 0.75
Original HKD 688/btl
Early Bird HKD 628/btl

St Joseph Rouge
Coursodon St Joseph Rouge Silice 2019 0.75
Original HKD 488/btl
Early Bird 418/btl
Coursodon St Joseph Rouge L’Olivaie 2019 0.75
Original HKD 615/btl
Early Bird HKD 558/btl

條款 Terms and Conditions :

1. Pre - arrival products 100% advance payment to secure order預售貨品100%預付確認訂單。
2. In case we loss the bid, 100% payment will be refunded within 14 working days without interest. 如不中標,100%全數14工作天內全數無息奉還。
3. Prices inclusive of shipping from France to HK. 價格包含法國到香港運費。
4. ETA late Sep 2021 subject to changes due to the pandemic. 預計9月底到貨,由於疫情關係,可能會延期,到時會通知。
5. Minimum order 6 bottles of the same label. 最低起定量,同一款最少六瓶。
6. Order above HKD3000 will enjoy free local delivery or a surcharge will be incurred. HK 120/ Kln 200/ NT 300. 港幣三千以上可免本地運費,訂單低於三千須附加運費。港島120/九龍200/新界300。
7. Macau安打Mainland China duty and shipping will be quoted separately 澳門及內地税費運費另報。



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