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Rendezvous 7500 Ans 約會七千五百年






Rendezvous 7500 Ans

Legend says that the Golden Boy and the Jade Girl (servants of the Heavenly Lords) are degraded to the mortal’s world by the Heavenly Emperor because they make passes to each another on the Qixi Festival long time ago. They are supposed to fall in love but not allowed to marry until their sin is atoned after 7 incarnations. From the first bitter romance of Meng Jiang (who cries the Great Wall down) in the Qin Dynasty to Lotus Liu in Genghis Khan. era, it is only two thousand something years, who will have that longevity to be so faithful?

Tina Cellar would like to date you 7.5th Century. I haven't lived that long, but native ancient tree tea does. India, Ceylon, Myanmar and China have been vying for the origin of tea. As a result, Yunnan's 3200-year-old tree tea won. We are fortunate to get Pu'er green cake and loose green tea made from the harvest of 3,200-year-old tea tree in 1985, and Pu'er black tea made from the thousand-year-old tree in 2019. Wouldn't the three models add up to 7,500?

Appreciating the native wild ancient tree tea and the artificially cultivated and carved platform tea are two completely different things. The situation is a bit like a modern-style wine and an ancient natural wine made naturally. If you have tried Fiorano from Rome, Italy before the 1970s, you will understand what I am talking about. The “Qi” of ancient tree tea is immediately felt after tasting 3 infusions. Those who practise Vipassana must feel it.

On February 29, 2020, we take pride to present the “Rendezvous 7500 Ans” tea tasting lunch at the "Run" Chinese Restaurant at the St. Regis Hotel Wan Chai. Only limited seats for seven. Let’s see whom serendipity will choose. 

Date : 29 Feb Sat 12:00pm

Venue : “ Run “ Chinese Restaurant of St. Regis

1     Harbour Drive Wanchai North

Fee:     HKD 1388 + 10% per head


Menu 菜單


Dim Sum Platers with Premium Ingredients: Lobster/ Wagyu Beef /Caviar



Matsutake Mushroom Soup



Spotted Gauroupa Fillet Sauté



Roasted Salted Crispy Chicken



Assorted Vegetables in Supreme Consommé



Fried Rice with Mullet Roe and Sakura Shrimps



Chef Hung Dessert Fantasy



Chinese Petit Four


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