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情迷 The Fascinating 120+1


情迷 120+1




請教他為啥命名為120+1, 原來這就是同一勾兌的酒連酒渣一起陳化十年才除渣,也即是120個月同一勾兌。



The Fascinating 120+1

Seeing the label of this wine, it seems more a riddle than fascination. The sparkling wine made by the champagne method in Piedmont, Italy, non-dosage and aged in French oak barrels. 100% black grapes.

Winemaker Luca Caramelino has never let me down, and I will definitely support his new work. This man is just like his predecessor Giacomo Tachis (the hero who created many Italian “AIAs); he won't stay on one spot, and run as a consultant all over the country, making numerous award-winning wines for his employer. The 3 glasses of Tre Bicchiari awards came at hand. His winemaking philosophy is to listen to the voice of the grapes attentively, and tailor them according to their characteristics.

Before Montalbera update their website, I have tasted 120+1. It is not an exaggeration to describe it with a hundred flowers blooming in a beauty pageant and the fruity fragrance is not weak. It is simply the “Flower and Fruit Mountain “of the Monkey King. The structure is rigorous and well-defined, it is a beautiful creature whom you shall love it at first sight. The producer is unwilling to decipher what grapes it is, perhaps pretending to be a mystery; or they may want to save the know how. Those fragrance of acacias, violets, and roses are not hard to imagine Piedmont's Nebiolo, Ruche, and Grignolino grapes.

When I asked why it is named 120+1. It turns out that this is the same cuvee and is aged on lees for ten years before disgorging. Which means 1 same cuvee aged for 120 months.

For French Champagne that declares vintage, it must be aged for three years by law. This wine has been aged for ten years. How can it be possible to look at the price?

The production is limited, so let's hug the beauty home soon!

蒙特巴拉 120+1 無餵糖氣酒0.75L

Montalbera 120+1 Pas Dose Sparkling N.V. 0.75

HKD588/ btl

OWC of 3, ideal New Year Gift

數量有限 先到先得。
Limited stocks, goods sell while stock last.

Terms and conditions 條款:
• Delivery after payment 先付款後發貨
• Availability subject to written confirmation 供應量須書面確認
• Minimum order HKD 3000 for free local delivery. Or surcharge will be incurred for HK $120/ Kowloon $200/ NT $300 三千元訂單以上香港九龍免運費。三千以下訂單附加費香港港幣120/九龍港幣200/新界港幣300
• Macau and PRC delivery charge and duty to be quoted separately 澳門國內運費稅費另報
• Goods sell while stock lasts 商品數量有限 售完即止

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