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荊釵布裙的極品 The Ultimate Rustic Beauty





The Ultimate Rustic Beauty

The Chinese humbly call his wife Zhu Jing, which means my modest girl who doesn't know how to dress up. When it comes to describing women as Jing hair pin and cotton dress, it is by no means derogatory; the subtext is that her charms can't be hidden without dressing up. Xue Baoqin in The Dream of the Red Chamber is such a temperament. The simple and unpretentious dress is not humble nor overbearing among the dressy demoiselles. She is generous, natural, and confident. Jia Taijun wanted to welcome her as grandson's wife. Jia Baoyu did not have such blessing in his marriage.

To find a similarity in wine, it must be Bartolo Mascarello. Quietly in the Barolo area, it glows. The current in-charge is Marie -Terrese, who adheres to the ancestral motto, and guards the one and a half hectare of vineyard in Barolo, no more or less, in order to inherit the ancestral craftsmanship and maintain the highest quality. If you have sharp eyes like Madame Jia, you will know how to admire Bartolo; standing in front of the very concentrated Bruno Giacosa and the well-structured and majestic Giacomo Conterno, her simplicity and pureness can outshine them effortlessly.

If you love Barolo, you must own at lease a bottle of Bartolo Mascarello.

條款 Terms & Conditions

- 預售產品ETA HK 2020 12月中 Pre-arrival ETA mid Dec 2020
- 百份百預付確認訂單 100% advance payment to secure order
- 價格不含歐洲至香港集裝空運,視乎最終訂貨量另報。Prices do not include consolidated reefer air shipment to HK. air shipping cost to be quoted avoiding to final order quantity.
- 三千元訂單以上香港九龍免運費。三千以下訂單附加費香港港幣120/九龍港幣200/新界港幣300。 Minimum order HKD 3000 for free local delivery. Or surcharge will be incurred for HK $120/ Kowloon $200/ NT $300.
-如不中標,全數貨款14工作天以內不含利息奉還  In case we loss the bid, full amount will be refund without interests within 14 working days.
-國內及澳門運費另報 For Macau and Mainland China , shipping cost to be quoted separately.

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