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膨脹中的宇宙 The Universe is Expanding!







今年除了清新可喜的台灣《土生土長》手工果子酥, 天娜酒窖為你準備了五百年雲南古樹滇紅2021年春茶冷泡,助你趕跑秋老虎!配甜點更是一絕呢!

誠意邀請你, 2021年9月16日星期四,下午兩時半至六時,蒞臨我們上環無限極廣場20樓辦公室休憩區,品好茶、吃果果!



The Universe is Expanding!

There is a theory that the planet Earth is revolving faster than it should be. It is because the universe is expanding!

No wonder there were so many incidents in few years that made this planet in chaos. Fortunately people around me are safe and well.

It seems that the Dragon Boat Festival glutinous rice dumplings in my stomach has not yet been completely digested, then I have to make some room for the Mid-Autumn Festival mooncake!

I was wondering if the fast-moving planet can still bear to have only the mooncake made with lard to pair with Iron Buddha Oolong tea. Ice mooncake is now so well accepted, why there is no cold beverage to pair with? Isn’t there a global warming issue?

This autumn, besides the Taiwanese “On The Ground “Artisan fresh marmalade pastry, Tina Cellar has prepared Five hundred years old Yunnan ancient arbor Puer black tea 2021 vintage first flush cold brew, to sooth you in this hot and dry season. It is also a very good companion of desserts!

You are cordially invited to join the walk-in tasting of tea and pastry on 16th of September 2021 Thursday, 2:30 to 6 :00 pm at our office in Sheung Wan, 12/F Infinitus Centre,199 Des Voeux Road Central.

Please feel a free to make appointment!

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