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發個新年財 即時回報 To Make New Year Fortune

發個新年財 即時回報

初出茅廬時,前輩們教導, 白葡萄酒要喝勃根地, 紅葡萄酒必選波爾多。誠然勃根地的莎當尼葡萄是無法替代。可是她的價格差不多到了可望不可及的地步。體面點的勃根地乾白動輒都得上萬圓一瓶,有名氣的都過兩萬。

可憐因為亞洲飲家都追捧幹紅,人人以為波爾多的白只有“滴滴金”。不知道波爾多也有極品乾白,珍品如瑪歌的乾白索性不對外發售。上梅鐸五大中的歐比安 及姐妹莊有極少量的對外發售。他們隨時可陳上25-30年, 而且歷年來評分甚高!


To Make New Year Fortune

When I first joined the wine trade, seniors taught that white wine should drink Burgundy, and red wine must be Bordeaux. It is true that Burgundy's Chardonnay is irreplaceable. But her price was almost beyond reach. Decent burgundy white bottles are worth HKD10,000 a bottle, and famous ones are over 20,000.

It is a pity because Asian drinkers are pursuing Bordeaux dry red only, everyone thinks that Bordeaux's white is only "Chateau D’Yquem ". Indeed Bordeaux also has the best dry white, and treasures such as Chateau Margaux dry white are not available for sale. Chateau Haut Brion and its sister Chateau La Mission Haut Brion of Haut Medoc Big 5 have a small amount of white for sale. They can be aged for 25-30 years at any vintage, and have scored very high over the years!

We are fortunate enough to get a small quota from direct ex- cellar and the European reputable supplier. If you study carefully with the price list below, you can have the opportunity to make a small New Year Fortune.


Terms 條款

-Pre-arrival products 預售貨品
-100% advance payment to secure order百分百預付確認訂單
-Availability subject to written confirmation 供應量須書面確認
-Prices do not include France to HK consolidated air- shipping. Cost of shipping to be quoted according to order quantity separately 價格不含法國到香港集裝空運費用,視乎訂貨量另報
-Minimum order HKD3000 for HK local free delivery or surcharge of HKD150 訂單三千港幣以上免本地運費, 或附加費港幣150
-In case we loss the bid , full amount to be refund without interest within 14 working days.如不中標,全數貨款14工作天以內不含利息奉還
-Macau and PRC delivery charge and duty to be quoted separately.澳門國內運費稅費另報

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