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White Truffle, Yum and Food! Fine Dinning with Movia winemaker Ales Kristancic


Movia x White Truffle x Neighborhood

Golden quote from one of the most influential wine makers in the world Ales Kristancic(Student of Petruse and DRC) :

"When talking about food and wine pairing, nothing is more accommodating than the Mother Nature. So as long as wine is natural and ingredients are natural , the pairing is unmistakable."

Movia is the state wine of Slovenia with 300 years of history . Fans include Bill Clinton and Tiger Woods . The label Veliko Belo was rated as Top 100 in 2014.

Following the Kristancic 's doctrine,
Tina Cellar and Neighborhood present the Movia Truffle dinner with the presence of the wine maker , Ales, a ballroom dance champion and fabulous bass guitar player who can turn anytime a wine talk into a sex therapy and swing with anything with or without legs.

21 November , 7:00 pm at the Neighborhood .
Address : G/F 62-63 Hollywood Road (Junction of Hollywood Road and Man Hing Lane)

Welcome drink: Gougere/ham + soup

*Sucrine lettuce salad/ Crab roe
Movia sivi pinot ambra 2011
*Seared foie gras/ caramelised sunchoke
Movia puro rose sparkling 2005
*Handmade tagliolini/ aged parmigiano
Movia merlot 2007
*Pork belly/ boudin basque/ apple
Movia veliko rdece 2005
*Chocolate palette
Movia lunar ribolla 2008

HKD880 + 10% per person

Italian white truffle available by whole pieces @ HKD38/gram


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