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孰酒?孰醬? Wine-Like Soy Sauce













豆油伯金藏 DYB Gold Reserve 300ml

單瓶裝 HKD238/btl
雙瓶禮盒裝 Two Bottle Gift Pack HKD468/box

Wine-Like Soy Sauce

I didn't love soy sauce since I was young. Growing up in the small fishing village of Ap Lei Chau, we do not need soy sauce for seasoning as we have catch and cut of the day every meal. However, I do not understand why Westerners use abundant soya for the Cantonese Fried Rice.

Until one day I met DYB, a soy sauce brand. The first time I tasted their entry level label, Golden Beans, I felt like tasting wine. A dish in our restaurant , Coconut and Corn Chicken Casserole requires a mixture of DYB soy sauce and fresh sand ginger to get the most out of it.

Because of the popularity of this dish, I simply became their agent in Hong Kong. .

When negotiating with them, the lady in charge said that she had always been looking for someone who knew wine to be their agent. At first ,I thought she was talking politely. Today I tasted their new product Gold Reserve, only to realize this is true.

Following the popularity of the Gan Tian light salt version, DYB used the method of " Second Fermentation “ to make a less salt version of Gold Reserve.

Everyone knows that method of “ Second Fermentation” is used in making French Champagne, while Veneto Valpolicella practises the “ Passito “ . Gold Reserve is a refined version of light salt that combines these two techniques. The principle is to inject the raw sauce that has been fermented into the new beans for the second fermentation. Because salt was added in the first sauce, there is no need to add salt for the second fermentation. This is completely a different notion from conventional dark soy sauce.

The result is more layered, thicker, and the aroma is richer and more refined. If you are interested in learning more, you can click on the link below.

If Westerners soak their fried rice in soy sauce, then such an exquisite craftsmanship should be enjoyed with a wine glass! I understand why I didn't love soy sauce when I was young, because I had never tasted a real one.

DYB has only made 5,000 bottles of Gold Reserve, all of which are made with original grown native Taiwan small black beans that was cultured with organic farming without any genetic modification.

As a gourmet, how can you miss Gold Reserve?

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