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雲南橄欖香普洱青餅角 2003 Yunnan Puer Raw Tea Cake  1 g

雲南橄欖香普洱青餅角 2003 Yunnan Puer Raw Tea Cake 1 g


Tasting Notes:

Very firmly pressed tea cake that offers very fine structure with multiple layers of aromas. First note a bit spicy with reminiscent of ivy, camphor,lotus leaf with a distinctive scent of black olive. Abundant tannins meaning that it is of very high cellar potential. The heart note is very subtle jujube and red dates. The finish is super long with medium among of " Qi ".

This tea reminds me of the pre-communist era old tea house craftsmanship which is so rare these days .  Warm reminder : do not need too much tea when brewing due to the very good technique of pressing  . For a 5 oz pot needs just 4g.                                                              

                                                                                          by Christina , owner of website .     




                                                                                            摘自網主 Christina

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