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60 Year Old Puer Raw Tea Brick 60 年普洱老茶磚 900g


Age unknown but a conservative contemplation that it is at least 60 year old. 

Obvious camphor in the up front then turns into lotus blossom in the middle and sweet lotus blossom at the end. 

A very old tea that need to be boiled after 20 infusions to extract the very best .

不知年,但保守觀點認為它至少60歲。 前段明顯的樟腦香,在段間變成蓮花,最後變成甜蜜的蓮花、蘭花和嫩沉香。 這非常陳舊的茶20泡後需要煮沸,以提取最好的精華。


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