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Carnasciale Il Caberlot MAGS 康納耐莎莉-卡巴洛 2007 1.5L

Carnasciale Il Caberlot MAGS 康納耐莎莉-卡巴洛 2007 1.5L


Il Podere Carnasciale
In recent years, Il Carnasciale’s Caberlot is one of the most distinctive Italian wines. It has mysterious varietal, Carberlot, which was discovered about 40 years ago near Verona and with annual production of 1,500 magnums only.
The story behind Il Caberlot dates back to the 60’s when the world renowned agronomist Remigio Bordini discovered the unique varietal growing in an old vineyard in Veneto. The grape has characteristics of both Cabernet Franc and Merlot and hence its name. It was the perfect choice of the Rogoskys as they were looking for something unique and different t to sough on their small Tuscan estate.
The Rogosky laid a bottle of Sassicaia in their vineyard when he planted his first vine in 1985, making a goal to be as excellent as this pioneering Super Tuscan. Now wolf’s dream came true! Only Michelin stars restaurant like L’Ambroisie and prominent wine fans will get limited allocation.
近年,康納耐莎莉-卡巴洛(Il Carnasciale’s Caberlot)是最具特色的意大利葡萄酒。卡巴洛是一個神秘的葡萄品種,四十年前在維羅納(Verona)附近被發現,年產量只有1500大瓶
卡巴洛的故事要追溯到六十年代,那時,世界著名的農學家瑞米格·波蒂尼(Remigio Bordini)發現了威尼托的一個老葡萄園裏種植了這獨特的品種。此葡萄兼具品麗珠(Cabernet Franc)和美樂(Merlot)葡萄的特質,因此被名為卡巴洛(Caber-lot)。這是瑞格斯凱斯(Rogoskys)的最佳選擇,因為當時他們正在為自己的托斯卡納小莊園尋找一些獨特、與種不同的品種來種植。


Vintage 年份:

Country Origin 原產地:

Varietal Grape 葡萄品種:
Caberlot 卡巴樂

Tasting Note 鑒賞:
The 2007 Il Caberlot is massively tannic and structured at this stage. Sweet espresso, mocha, grilled herbs and dark raspberry jam emerge from this impressively constituted Caberlot. With time in the glass the wine fills out nicely, leading to a long, impeccably articulated finish. 此款2007年卡巴洛佳釀在現階段有著濃郁單寧和複雜結構。讓人印象深刻的美酒散發著甜蜜的濃縮咖啡、莫卡咖啡、烤草本和黑樹莓醬香。隨著在酒杯中發展,佳釀會變得豐滿美好,有著綿長、完美、清晰的餘韻。

Critic's Rating 專家點評:
RP: 94

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