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Champagne Collard Picard Cuvee Des Merveille Rose Saignee Brut 歌雅.皮卡 馬維爾配方血紅香檳

Champagne Collard Picard Cuvee Des Merveille Rose Saignee Brut 歌雅.皮卡 馬維爾配方血紅香檳


Champagne Collard-Picard was founded in 1996, building on the know-how passed down through the families of Olivier COLLARD and Caroline PICARD. With its address at 15 avenue de Champagne, Epernay, Maison Collard-Picard is steered according to uncompromising standards in matters of quality. With diplomas in viticulture-oenology, Olivier and Caroline Collard-Picard farm 15 hectares using rational pest control.
Maison Collard-Picard draws its distinctive character from the history of two Champagne families which, since 1889, have framed two noble terroirs: the Vallee de la Marne for the COLLARD branch and the Cote des Blancs for the PICARD branch. You cannot be born into Champagne country without being imbued with the sap of its grapevines. For Maison collard-Picard, this has seeped down through two centuries, from generation to generation. It expresses the ancestral know-how of artisans who have charted the course of a genuine passion. These are four generations, therefore, which - in the service of quality - have passed on, each to the next, the know-how involved in producing exceptional champagne.
歌雅.皮卡香檳始自1996年, 釀酒知識源自兩個香檳家族奧利華歌雅和卡露蓮皮卡。憑藉其在埃佩爾奈香檳大道15號的地址,歌雅.皮卡家族精心嚴控出品品質。奧利華和卡露蓮均擁有葡萄栽培及釀酒學文憑,他們以天然防蟲方法種植15公頃葡萄園。
歌雅.皮卡香檳的特色及過人之處源自兩個歷史悠久的香檳家族是從1889年開始,塑造了兩個馬恩區和白丘區的高貴的屬土風格,歌雅家族源於馬恩河谷,而皮卡家族源於白丘地區。歌雅.皮卡香檳集兩大家族在這二百年可以話說這是世代永傳而充分發揮祖先祖先流傳下來的工藝和熱忱 ,而四代人皆一直繼承著嚴守品質的宗旨這成了非一般的香檳。

Vintage 年份:


Country Origin 原產地:

Les Mesnil Sur Oger, Cotes Des Blancs 香檳, 白丘 上奧索, 文尼

Varietal Grape 葡萄品種:

50% Meunier and 50% Pinot Noir

50% 粉品諾 50% 黑品諾

Tasting Note 鑒賞:

Fruity, fresh, and full of berries and cream, this is a relaxing, full-bodied wine that presents wonderful flavors of dough and spice. As if that weren?™t enough, a zesty, vigorous citrus and red peach character meets fresh strawberry at the finish, culminating in an excellent performance of balance and complexity. Zestier and more expressive than the basic Cuvée Rosé, this wine really blooms with air and warmth.

酒味擁有著濃郁的果香,清新和充滿漿果和奶油, 這是一款非常輕鬆,而充滿了濃郁的葡萄酒,麵團和香料呈現了美妙的口味 彷彿這還未夠的話, 一種燦爛,有活力的柑橘和紅桃花的個性近合著新鮮的草莓之下, 平衡和複雜性會顯出優異性能來達到高潮 \\ 馬維爾配方血紅香檳比普通血紅香檳更傳神 而這酒真是在空氣和溫暖中綻放。

Critic's Rating 專家點評:

87-89 RP

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