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Champagne Le Brun Servenay Juste Rose Extra Brut NV 布朗賽文尼玫瑰干香檳

Champagne Le Brun Servenay Juste Rose Extra Brut NV 布朗賽文尼玫瑰干香檳


Le Brun Servenay

Their family has been tending their wines for several generations. They are "Récoltants-Manipulants" which means that they own vineyards, they harvest their own grapes and create their own Champagne. Their family business is located in the village of "Avize", in the heart of the famous area "Côte des Blancs". Their vineyard of about 7 hectares is located in 3 of the 17 villages classified “Grand Cru”, which allows them to obtain the fineness and lightness of one kind of grape, “The Chardonnay”(80% of their vineyard).They also cultivate  "Pinot noir" and “Pinot Meunier”(20% of our vineyard) on a nearby hillside and  blend it with the "Chardonnay" to create wines of great quality. They produce Champagne with traditional methods, handed on from father to son.

布朗 賽文尼
賽文尼家族秉承釀酒工藝數代,它們是“自耕自釀的種植者'這意味著他們擁有的葡萄園而 一直是自耕自釀的酒莊和產出自己的香檳,莊園位處白丘區中心的阿維茲頂級產區,在著名的地區中心的白丘區
而這葡萄園擁有共七英畝地。就屬於香檳17個頂級產區中的三個法定特級莊園,地理使葡萄栽種得纖巧利索. 而附近的山坡上主要栽種有莎當尼(80%),其餘有黑品諾和灰品諾。它們混合而勾兌出一起來釀出偉大品質的葡萄酒。釀酒工藝都是父子相傳的祖傳方法。
Vintage 年份:


Country Origin 原產地:

Champagne, Avize 香檳鎮:阿維茲

Varietal Grape 

86% Chardonnay, 14% Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier

Tasting Note 鑒賞:
Wonderful salmon colour – The presence of red wine makes a rounder impression – delicate perfume of wild strawberries – dry without a whisper of austerity.


Critic's Rating 專家點評:


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