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Champagne Vincent Carre -Brut Reserve Blanc de Blancs -Premier Cru 白中白干陳釀香檳– 無年份塔利派一級產區

Champagne Vincent Carre -Brut Reserve Blanc de Blancs -Premier Cru 白中白干陳釀香檳– 無年份塔利派一級產區


Vincent Carre

The Carre family has been growing grapes in the Montagne de Reims village of Trépail since the late 1800s. Michel Carré began bottling their own production in 1959, and his son Vincent took over the domaine in the late 1980s. They own 51.9 acres in Trépail, a village that is unusual for the Montagne de Reims and that it is better suited to Chardonnay rather than the Pinot Noir that predominates the region. 90% of their production is Chardonnay, with the remaining 10% in Pinot Noir. Carré produces only 3,500 cases per year, as they sell off a lot of their fruit to the negociant houses, retaining only the best of each vintage for their own production. The wines are hand-crafted and pure, showcasing detailed flavors and a delicate touch.



Country Origin 原產地:

Village of Champagne: TREPAIL 香檳鎮:塔利派

Varietal Grape 葡萄品種:

100% Chardonnay 100%莎當尼

Tasting Note 鑒賞:

Has Viennese pastry aroma, it reveals a full bodied texture as well as a pleasant energy. It is the combination of finesse and elegance. A rich and complex wine, it allows the wonderful grape that is the Chardonnay to fully express itself: clear on the eye, thin bubbles and a clean aroma, with, finally, a mature and delicate taste.

很像有維也納糕點的氣味,而它揭示了一個完整的健全的質感以及美妙的能量。 這就是技巧和優雅的結合。它是一款豐富和複雜的葡萄酒,而可以讓美妙的莎當尼葡萄充分表達自己:明確對酒色,細細的氣泡和一個純純的香氣,最後,留下的感覺是一個成熟而細膩的口感。

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