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Chateau Landra P'tit Landra 2018 龍德拉堡 小龍紅 旺圖村

Chateau Landra P'tit Landra 2018 龍德拉堡 小龍紅 旺圖村


Chateau Landra

 "Solis Solique Virtus Sola" (The only virtue of the sun and the ground) .For more than a hundred years, this motto has been featured on Château Landra wine labels.Frederic Renoux took over this estate in 2007. He decided to make only natural wine that respects Mother Nature . Biodynamic approach though officially registered organic and insists sulfites  free. Only local natural yeasts are used.

龍德拉堡 小龍紅 旺圖村

“日月精華 大地厚德” 一個世紀以來,一直是龍德拉堡酒莊的座右銘。新莊主在2007年收購並革新了莊園;只用生物動力學的方法釀製好酒;儘管只註冊有機而不是生物動力學。可持續不含添加。堅持不用硫磺,只用本地天然酵母釀酒。


Country Origin 原產地:
Ventoux / Rhone Valley/France  旺圖村 隆尼河谷 法國 🇫🇷

Varietal / 葡萄品種:
Cinsault , Grenache ,Syrah  珊蘇, 格納殊,施赫

Tasting Note 鑒賞:

Average vine age 50 years. Natural wine without sulphite, lively and subtle nose with aromas of grapefruit, fresh and persistent full mouth with under note of herbs. Best serving temperature 15-17 degree centigrade. Cellar potential 8-12 years. Optimum drinking window 2019-2022. 


Critic's Rating 專家點評:

Vivino 3.5 

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