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Xavier Vins Chateauneuf Du Pape Cuvee Anonyme 2009 夏維雅教皇新堡無名氏佳釀

Xavier Vins Chateauneuf Du Pape Cuvee Anonyme 2009 夏維雅教皇新堡無名氏佳釀


Xavier Vins
For the last 15 years, oenologist Xavier Vignon has become internationally known for being the winemaker of several of the best domaines in Châteauneuf-du-Pape and around. In 2002, he chose amongst the best wines he has made, he created a blend Rhône with different vintages, and different appellations. His ideal wine is, easy to understand, modern, powerful and a great value for money. 100% Xavier was born.
Xavier is indeed a flying wine maker who has consulted many famous producers in cote Du Rhone and Languedoc such as Marcoux (98 points), La Nerthe (95), Mordoree (98) and Grand Veneur. As Xavier Vignon wishes to keep his main work, which is managing his laboratory, he associates with two partners in 2007, in order to be able to develop his "Xavier wines".


Vintage 年份:


Country Origin 原產地:
Rhone Valley - France
隆尼河谷 旺圖山 - 法國

Varietal Grape 葡萄品種:
Half a dozen of grape varieties are present in this wine, 25 % of very old grenaches, then mourvèdre (25 %), syrah (25 %). The last 25% are made of “hors d’âge mixed grapes


Tasting Note 鑒賞:

All panoply of a big Châteauneuf-du-Pape: red and black fruits, spices, garrigue. Grapes were harvested perfectly ripe. Result is flawless, with a nice saltiness brought up from the deep soil by the long grenaches roots. The elegance of its tannins does not impose a long ageing for this Châteauneuf, but it may be kept for a long time in a good cellar. Its opaque purple color is followed by a wine of extraordinary intensity. Copious notes of liquorice, garrigue, underbrush, blackberries, black currants and graphite are present in this full bodied, modern styled, fragrant, distinctive Chateauneuf. This terrific voluptuous 2009 should drink well young and last for 15-20 years. ~ Robert Parker

偉大的教皇新堡所產的華麗美酒:有著紅果、黑果、香料和矮灌木叢的香氣。葡萄在最佳成熟時期收穫。釀出的美酒完美無瑕,有著深根系格納殊葡萄從土壤深處帶來的鹹味。此款教皇新堡優雅的單寧不會因為長時間的陳瓶而受到影響,但是佳釀必須要在好的窖藏條件下才能存放較長時間。 “此佳釀不透明的紫色代表了佳釀非凡的濃郁,豐富的香氣中歐亞甘草、矮灌木叢,矮樹叢,黑莓,黑醋栗和石墨的味道藏在此款有著豐滿的酒體、現代的風格、令人愉悅,與眾不同的教皇新堡佳釀中。此款極其誘人的2009年佳釀在嫩齡時品鑒口感上佳,15-20年後,口感依舊美好。”

Critic's Rating 專家點評:

R.P.: 96

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