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Domiane Les Carmels  Les Caprices AOC Cadillac Cote de Bordeaux 卡繆酒莊 變奏 2018 0.75

Domiane Les Carmels Les Caprices AOC Cadillac Cote de Bordeaux 卡繆酒莊 變奏 2018 0.75


Domaine Les Carmels 
It is a husband and wife, small , boutiques,  sustainable producer .
In 2010, Yorick and Sophie Lavaud took over 5 hectares of vine that they cultivated directly in organic farming. They felt in love with the place: only one block of vines surround a nipple made up of clay of all the colours, an in-depth calcareous bed rock and gravel on the surface. The vine is very well settled since decades. Yorick is passionate by agronomy in general and more specially by the vine. He didn’t consider the vine independently from the environment in which if fits. That’s very significant to him to maintain a rich ecosystem and a great heterogeneity. Vine treatments are reflected and fortified by herbal teas and compost teas made in the Carmels. Yorick also planted an orchard with about 50 different tree varieties different and a familial vegetable garden of 50 acres. In the futur, it will have market gardening in the Carmels that is necessary to have optimal floral diversity. That is to say that Yorick is an agricultural engineer in love with the nature. Sophie is taking care of commercialization of the wine and administration of the estate. With the time, she acquired great knowledge on the wine and their specified farming in order to highlight faithfully Yorick’s work. She is passionate of wine, its secret, its complexity which leads to constant and necessary reassessment. Sophie is also Yorick’s confidant, when there are choices to make in the vine or in the cellar. They take and assumed all the decision together. Over farming and running the estate, Yorick and Sophie has built their nest in the middle of Domaine Les Carmels, and they are blossoming with their family in contact with nature.


這是一個精品小莊。夫妻檔,可持續。約力克和蘇菲共同打理5傾葡萄園, 人手有機種植。他們熱愛這色彩斑斕的土地, 有黏土,岩土和麻石。 葡萄藤已有好幾十年。約力克本身是農藝師,精攻葡萄,但他的莊園卻有不同的莊稼。他相信五種多元化的好處以及建立了一個微型生態系統在莊園上。滅蟲除草都用草本藥茶, 施肥是天然堆肥。蘇菲負責推銷以及商務。蘇菲也是一個釀酒的高手。一切的配方都是夫妻檔秘密泡製。他們的家就在葡萄園中央。
Vintage 年份:


Country Origin 原產地: 
Cadillac-Cote de Bordeaux A.O.C, Entre - Deux - Mers , Bordeaux, France 法國 波爾多 安他多馬區 卡地雅河谷

Varietal Grape 葡萄品種:
100% Merlot
100% 美樂珠


Tasting Note 鑒賞:
Soft spices - Stones fruits - a fruity & easy to drink wine - To keep between 3 to 5 years。 Annual production 8000 bottles only.
淡香料,礦物和果香, 十分平易近人, 3-5年後踏入巔峰。 年產僅限8000瓶。
Critic's Rating 專家點評:


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