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DYB Artisan Lite Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce / Less sodium 豆油伯甘田釀造醬油/薄鹽 180ml

DYB Artisan Lite Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce / Less sodium 豆油伯甘田釀造醬油/薄鹽 180ml






Dou You Bo

Zhu Tian of Ping Dong is a very sunny area of Tainan.It is the town of soya sauce.

Founder Mr. Li An Tian started as a junior in big factory. In those days , monotonous hard core saltiness is the main stream style. Mr Li insisted soya sauce should be natural with original aroma of soya.So he started his own factory in 1972 clinging on old traditional style taking the best of adventure of the terroir of Ping Dong and made real soya sauce of Taiwan.

With full respect of the Mother Nature , Dou You Bo works closely together with local organic farmers to grow natural soya without any genetic engineered, nor chemicals and insists making soya with their own character.




Tasting Notes

Light recipe without dded potassium , low sodium for well being sake.Brewed with whole bean, not skimmed soya. It is a  version of the original juice without dilution. It is a blend of Taiwan black soya, non genetic engineered yellow soya  and barley. Pure , sweet ,light bodied with natural aromas. Suitable for dipping and mixing  . Gluten and iodine free and it passed the multiple SGS test.


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