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Giuseppe Quintarelli Vapolicella Superiore 昆塔雷利酒庄维波利 高等版 2004

Giuseppe Quintarelli Vapolicella Superiore 昆塔雷利酒庄维波利 高等版 2004


Guiseppe Quintarelli
Quintarelli family has been producing wine for more than 100 years, first in an area called Figàri and then from 1924 in Negrar, the heart of the Valpolicella Classico area. Quintarelli is often regarded as Valpolicella's magician and the king of Amarone . Their approach is renowned to be strongly traditionalist with only a few concessions to modernity, they age their Amarone in Slavonian oak vats for seven years. Nevertheless, this “traditionalist” has undertaken several highly innovative winemaking projects, they began producing a white wine – something very unusual in the Valpolicella area. Then he crafted a delicious blend “Primofoire” which combines corvina, cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc grapes. Finally, he invented the extremely rare and coveted Alzero which is made from slowly dried cabernet franc grapes. Their labels are beatifully handwritten, the Quintarelli name stands for the family, the wines, as style, a tradition, the authenticity and artisanal high quality wine. 
昆塔雷利(Quintarelli )家族已生產的葡萄酒超過100年,首先在(Figari) 菲加里區域然後從1924年在(Negrar ) 尼格拉. 經典維波利的中心地區, 昆塔雷利通常被認為是維波利的魔術師
和阿瑪羅尼( Amarone)的王者. 他們的做法是著名的強烈傳統主義者只有少數向現代化讓步. 用七年時候在斯拉沃尼亞橡木桶陳化它們的阿瑪羅尼.  不過, 這' 傳統主義' 的高度允諾了創新的釀酒​​項目, 而他們開始生產白葡萄酒. 在維波利地區是一個很特別的事情. 然後,他製作了一款結合了科維納, 赤霞珠和品麗珠的美味混合物 '比莫飛' ( Primofoire) . 最後,他發明了極為罕見和令人垂涎 的 '一零'  (Alzero) 是由乾品麗珠葡萄釀製出來. 他們的商標是美麗的手寫而昆塔雷利的名字代表家庭, 酒釀, 風格, 傳統, 真誠和高品質的手工葡萄酒。
Vintage 年份:


Country of Origin 原產地:

Italy - Veneto 意大利- 威尼托

Varietal Grape 葡萄品種:
55% 科維納, 30% 羅蒂妮拉, 15%品麗珠, 納比奧羅
55% Corvina e Corvinone, 30% Rondinella, 15% Cabernet, Nebbiolo

Color: medium intense ruby red with garnet reflections Fragrance: spiced with undertones of cherry perfumes Taste: austere with traditional definition, well balanced. The flavour is dry with pleasant bitter undertones.

中度濃郁寶石的酒紅色帶有石榴反映的香味 低調的香料有櫻桃般的芬芳氣息。 有良好平衡而簡樸的滋味, 而嘗起來這就是傳統的口感定義. 這款酒是乾而帶有宜人的苦澀味道.

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