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Laurent Bannwarth Pinot Noir 2010 羅蘭班威夫 黑比諾 2010

Laurent Bannwarth Pinot Noir 2010 羅蘭班威夫 黑比諾 2010


Laurent Bannwarth 
Laurent Bannwarth and his wife Suzanne have created and developed the field from the 50s. In 1968, they built the first winery on the current site. Year after year, the Bannwarth Family tries out with its expertise and the vagaries of Mother Nature to express the best wines in the special taste and aroma of its various soils. Their wine is biodynamic and from the planting, fertilizing and even harvest, have complied with natural methods, planting process does not add any artificial substances, according to the position of the moon planting calendar deduction process hundred percent natural. The general nature of organic farming will be decomposed using organic fertilizers, and "natural biodynamic farming method" is to cow dung as fertilizer, farm manure will fill the horns, and then it will be buried according to the calendar in the vineyard soil "dormant ", allowed to draw in the rest of the soil contains a lot of energy elements into organic manure. Remove the spring of the following year, diluted with water and then choose the date of fertilization. These natural fertilizers help revitalize the soil organisms and fungi, bred pure natural quality grapes.
從50年代羅蘭班威夫 和他的妻子蘇珊創建和擴展出他們的紅酒領域。 1968年,他們在目前的地方建立了他們第一個酒廠。年復一年,在班威夫 家庭試圖用他們的專業知識和變幻莫測的大自然來表達出最好的葡萄酒, 而酒釀擁有著特殊的口感和它的各種土壤的香氣。他們的酒是一門「 生物動力自然耕種法」  由播種、施肥以至收成,均遵從天然的方法,種植過程中不會添加任何人造物質,再根據以月亮位置所推演的曆法進行種植,過程百份百天然。一般有機農耕都會使用能被大自然分解的有機肥料,而「生物動力自然耕種法」則會以牛糞為肥料,農家會把牛糞填滿牛角內,再根據年曆將它埋在葡萄園泥土中「冬眠」,讓其吸取泥土在休養期時蘊藏的大量能量元素,成為有機牛糞。於翌年春天取出,加水稀釋後再擇日施肥。此等純天然的肥料有助活化泥土中的生物及菌類,孕育出純天然優質的葡萄

Vintage 年份:

Country Origin 原產地:
Alsace AOC 阿爾薩斯 AOC

Varietal Grape 葡萄品種:
100% Pinot Noir 100% 黑比諾

Tasting Note 

Appearance : Beautiful ruby color. Nose : Nuanced by black fruits and a spices. Palate : supple yet deep texture with a beautiful length and well-mannered tannins on the finish.

外觀:美麗的紅寶石酒00色。 氣味 :由黑色水果和香料中聞得細緻入微了。 口感:柔順而深刻的結構美麗的酒長以及良好單寧酸的餘韻。

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