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LE PETIT CHAT MALIN RED 2017 0.75  小奸猫 红酒

LE PETIT CHAT MALIN RED 2017 0.75  小奸猫 红酒


Le Petit Chat Malin is a wine with a funny and memorable name but serious in quality. Literally the meaning is a little cunning cat that reminds you of sunshine, sea and sardines of Languedoc, south of France.
The vines are carefully nurtured until the grapes are harvested at their optimum ripeness – sun ripened grapes packed with juicy fruit flavours. Using traditional methods, the winemakers and friends create the wines, carefully selecting and blending to produce a top quality tipple!
小奸貓的名字趣怪易記, 但酒質卻認真嚴謹。讓人聯想起法國南部朗格多克區的陽光,海洋及沙丁魚。小奸貓來自陽光充沛的法國南部,葡萄卻是精心培育,在最成熟的狀態時收成,加上傳統釀酒工藝,精心配合下所製成。 


Country Origin:
Languedoc - France 朗格多克- 法國

Varietal Grape 葡萄品種:
Grenache 65% Syrah 30% Carignon 5%  格纳殊 施赫 卡里儂

Tasting Note 鑒賞:

Aromas of red berries lead to a juicy yet savoury wine awash with red berries; cherries and strawberries and a touch of dustiness, soft tannins and a subtle twist of spice. You'll be happier than a cat curled up in front of a fire on a winters day drinking this brilliant value wine. Try it with a hearty meat dish, cheeses or simply lap it up all on its lonesome!


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