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Movia Sauvignon 莫飛雅長相思 2012

Movia Sauvignon 莫飛雅長相思 2012


Kristancic family married a Movia daughter since 1820 and took over the management of the vineyard with 300 years history. Ales is the 8th generation of his family business. A degree holder of oenology, intern of Ch. Petrus and Domain Romanee Conti, fabulous bass guitarist, poet and ballroom dance champion, he invented two unique ways of wine making that accounts for his reputation as one of the top 10 most influential winemakers in the world. Movia is a biodynamic grower though not officially registered, with 100 % natural in vinification. It is also the state wine of Slovenia. His fans include Bill Clinton and Tiger Woods. In 2009, Movia is voted as producer of the year by Food and Wine Magazine in the United States and in 2015, it is rated as one of the world's top 100 producers by the Wine and Spirits Magazine.
故事源於基施頓克家族成員於1820年與莫飛雅家族成親,並開始掌舵有300年歷史的葡萄園。 阿樂斯.基施頓克是第八代掌舵人,他擁有釀酒學學位,是柏翠絲及康帝的實習生。同時亦是一名鋼琴好手、詩人及舞林高手,他更研發了兩種新釀酒方法。阿樂斯被評為世界上十大最有影響力的葡萄酒釀酒師之一。莫飛雅已註冊為100%天然生物動力學培植葡萄酒製造商,亦是斯洛文尼亞的國酒。前美國總統克林頓和高爾夫球好手活士也他的忠實粉絲。2009年,莫飛雅被美國美酒佳餚雜誌選為年度生產商。
Vintage 年份:


Country Origin 原產地:
Brda, Slovenia 斯洛文尼亞 -布瑞達

Varietal Grape 葡萄品種:

Sauvignon 100% 長相思 100%

Tasting Note 鑒賞:
Sauvignons age well. Ideally the color is straw-yellow with shades of green. Sauvignon produced in Slovena winegrowing regions develops a strong bouquet with distinct notes of bell peppers, hay and elderflower. Plant selection and differences in the mineral content of soils have developed two distinct types of this wine: Sauvignons from the Podravje region exhibit a prevalent elderflower perfume, while the Primorska wines give greater emphasis to hay notes. Oenologists cannot agree whether this is merely a result of different environments or a true variation, though a few successful transplants of the \"elderflower\" Sauvignon to the Primorska region would warrant the latter.

長相思陳化得很好. 理想情況下,顏色為草黃色而具有綠色色彩. 長相思在斯洛文尼亞的葡萄種植地區生產, 具有甜椒,乾草和接骨木花的獨特味道而顯影出一個強烈的芳香. 植物的篩選和在礦物沃土的差異令開發了兩種不同類型的這種酒: 從德拉瓦(Podravje)地區開發了長相思, 這是呈現出流行的接骨木花香水, 而沿海地區的葡萄酒更加強調花粉的點滴. 釀酒學家不同意這是否僅僅是不同環境的結果或是真正的變化所做成, 而透過少數成功的移植在沿海地區的\'接骨木花\'長相思來保證後期的品種.

Critic's Rating 專家點評:

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