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Remelluri Rioja Reserva 2007 雷梅留裡庄園裡奧哈

Remelluri Rioja Reserva 2007 雷梅留裡庄園裡奧哈


A visit to Rioja could not pass without a stop at Bodegas Remelluri, now managed by the pocket dynamo that is Telmo Rodriguez. Remelluri is suffused with a sense of place and history, epitomized by the family?™s home that is veiled in a monastic aura, every nook and cranny coveting untold stories from the 14th century when the monks from the Tolono monastery founded a sanctuary on this site. Do not be fooled, because now this estate is looking towards the future, through Telmo?™s eyes. Though I was impressed by their current releases, the phrase ?œYou ain?™t seen nothin??yet??kept running through my mind, because it will take time for Telmo to implement his winemaking tenets that have been honed through extensive experience both in Spain and abroad. This includes converting Remelluri?™s vineyard to biodynamism and re-training the vines away from the trellis . But one thing that he enacted immediately was the bold decision to convene growers from whom Remelluri had sourced fruit for many years, and inform them that this arrangement would cease forthwith. Telmo was effectively putting them out of a job in order to focus upon his own terroir, and to use his own words, ?œconcentrate the personality of Remelluri.??This culling of out-sourced fruit is effective from the 2009 vintage. To compensate these growers, Telmo offered his experience and contacts to assist them in creating their own label. He was encouraged by the positive response from the growers to take responsibility for their own wine; he was essentially sowing the seeds of his own philosophy. So let us begin with this label, because it is well worth seeking out.
參觀西班牙的里奧哈(Rioja )時, 不可不停在雷梅留里莊園, 現在由如'發電機'般的 太摩.羅德里格斯( Telmo Rodriguez) 來管理.
 雷梅留里莊園瀰漫著里奧哈和它的歷史感, 這個縮影是由羅德里格斯家庭的鄉土隱晦出這些修道靈氣, 而每一個角落和裂隙都憧憬這14世紀的不為人知故事, 當托洛諾修道院的和尚們在里奧哈創立一個避難所. 
別被騙了!因為現在這個莊園通過太摩(Telmo )的眼睛來展望它的未來. 
雖然我印象深刻的是他們目前的版本中,那句'你什麼都不是呢'' 一直在我腦海中飄蕩. 
因為這將需要一段時間為太摩實施他的釀酒哲學, 無論是在西班牙和國外已通過廣泛的經驗來磨練出來. 這包括轉換雷梅留里莊園為 生物動力自然耕種法和從網格中再培育出藤根.
因此他作出了一件大膽的決定, 就是立刻制定而召集已提供水果給雷梅留里莊園多年的種植者, 而並告訴他們會須隨即採購停止他們的水果.
這樣太摩是有效地把它們失去了他們的工作, 這為了專注於自己的屬土風格, 並用他自己的話'' 專注在雷梅留里的個性'' .
從2009的年份停止外判採購是有效的, 而為了彌補這些種植者, 太摩提供了他經驗和人脈來幫助他們建立他們自己的標籤. 他感到鼓舞是那些從種植者的積極回應要為自己的酒責任. 
Vintage 年份:


Country Origin 原產地:
Rioja, Spain 西班牙, 里奧哈


Varietal Grape 葡萄品種:
90% Tempranillo, 5% Grenache , 5% Graciano
90% 添普蘭尼洛, 5%格納殊, 5% 嘉西諾

Tasting Note 鑒賞:


Deep purple in color, it reveals an already complex bouquet of exotic spices, leather, violets, mineral, and assorted black fruits. In the glass it is succulent with plush fruit, terrific grip and volume, and a lengthy, rich, supple finish.

深紫的酒色, 而它呈現了異國風味, 皮革, 紫羅蘭,礦物和 什錦黑槳果的複雜芳香. 在玻璃杯中的毛絨果實肉質, 妙極的緊緻和酒體, 一種悠長,濃郁而柔順的餘韻

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