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Romano Dal Forno Dal Forno Vapolicella Superiore 戴福諾酒庄維波利高等版 2007

Romano Dal Forno Dal Forno Vapolicella Superiore 戴福諾酒庄維波利高等版 2007


Romano Dal Forno
Romano Dal Forno is regarded as “King of Valpolicella” nowadays. Romano Dal Forno was born in 1957 in the village of Capovilla, a couple of kilometers away from Illasi, in a family which had been engaged in wine production. At the age of 22 Romano was lucky to meet the Great Master of Amarone, Giuseppe Quintarelli. That acquaintance became a revelation for him and pushed him towards choosing a right target. In 1990 a new winery was built, it uses modern technologies while maintaining the traditions of these famous wines. Instead of Slavonian-oak casks, habitual for local winemakers which were used from year to year for aging Amarone, Dal Forno started to use 225-litre barrels made of new French oak (barriques). And naturally, wine of a new crop was aged in new barriques; also the wine would not show up for sale before a long period of up to 5 years. Later some experiments were made with a partial aging in barriques (up to 2 years) and then another 4 years in bottles. The great richness of Dal Forno's wines is derived from the extremely low yields of this artisan's 12.5-hectare estate outside the Classico zone. His dense, creamy Valpolicella is among the best of the Veneto, and we find here formally dressed as a white passito dessert wine. 
現在戴福諾酒莊被稱為維波利之王, 而羅馬諾. 戴福諾 (Romano Dal Forno )出生於1957的卡波比亞(Capovilla )小鎮中, 在伊拉西 距離幾公里外. 而他們家族在經營葡萄酒的生產. 
在羅馬諾的22歲, 幸運地遇到阿瑪羅尼的大師級人物 '喬治白. 昆塔雷利' ( Giuseppe Quintarelli) . 這刻的相識造就了一種對他的啟示而推著他選擇正確的目標. 
1990年新酒廠始建於1990年, 它採用現代釀酒技術並保持著這些傳統方式來釀製著名的葡萄酒. 
而本地釀酒商的習慣於用斯拉夫尼亞橡木酒桶來陳化阿瑪羅尼( Amarone). 但戴福諾酒莊開始用225升的新的法國橡桶木桶來陳化. 
酒釀的新農作物自然地陳化在新的木橡桶裡, 並且酒釀不會進行在一段長時間(5年)內銷售. 
後來一些實驗在橡木桶中進行了局部陳化(長達2年)  然後在瓶子裡再過4年.
這個於古典區外的12.5公頃莊園, 而濃郁的戴福諾酒釀由這極低收獲率的莊園是而衍生出來.
這款濃密而奶油的維波利是威尼托產區裡最好之一, 我們在這裡找到正式的整修過的白色帕西多 (passito ) 甜點酒。
Vintage 年份:


Country Origin 原產地:

Italy - Veneto 意大利- 威尼托


70% Corvina, 20% Rondinella, 5% Croatina, 5% Oseleta
70% 科維納, 20% 羅蒂妮拉, 5% 科羅帝納, 5% 奧塞萊塔.

Tasting Note鑒賞:

The 2007 Valpolicella Superiore from the celebrated Monte Lodoletta vineyard is rock-tight with a midnight black appearance and aromas that emerge with fierce determination. The fascinating aromatic medley includes dark spice, prune, Spanish cedar, tar, black licorice, balsam herb and blackberry tart. The mouthfeel is plush and rich with super-tight tannins that grip nervously to the finish. It has only started its bottle evolution and requires more time to soften and develop.

這款2007高級維波利是為了慶祝 蒙特. 羅多里達葡萄園 是密封以午夜黑色外觀和香味來湧現激烈的決心. 迷人的芳香混合了深香料,西梅,西班牙雪松,焦油,黑甘草,香脂草和黑莓酥。垂涎欲滴是毛絨而富饒帶來的緊緻丹寧, 而緊緊在餘韻中呈現出. 這塚酒才開始在這瓶子中進化, 需要更多的時間來軟化和發展

Critic's Rating 專家點評:
RP: 94

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