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Coursodon Saint Joseph Le Paradis St Pierre Blanc 2012 歌須當酒莊 聖皮爾樂園白

Coursodon Saint Joseph Le Paradis St Pierre Blanc 2012 歌須當酒莊 聖皮爾樂園白


Father and son, Pierre and Jerome Coursodon, produce stunning red and white St. Joseph wines in the town of Mauves. PIerre manages the vineyards while son, Jerome, is at the helm of winemaking. Pierre particularly emphasizes vineyard management as being crucial to making top quality wine. On the other hand, Jerome eschews dogma about anything regarding viticulture and vinification and is very willing to experiment with more modern techniques. For example, he regards fining or filtration as a positive in winemaking if properly used. Together, father and son are a formidable winemaking team.
皮爾及杰羅姆歌須當這對父子拍擋聯手釀造令人驚嘆的紅白酒。父親皮爾負責管理葡萄園,而兒子 杰羅姆主理釀酒。皮爾認為管理好葡萄園是釀製優秀葡萄酒重要的條件。杰羅姆對葡萄栽培及釀酒非常有熱誠,樂意嘗試不同新技術,例如他認為適當過濾有利於製造更出色佳釀。


Vintage 年份:


Country Origin 原產地:
Saint Joseph , Cote Du Rhone, France
法國 隆尼河谷 聖約瑟

Varietal Grape 葡萄品種:
95 % Marsanne – 5 % Roussanne
95%馬珊 - 5%胡姍

Tasting Note 鑒賞:

Yellow gold dress with bright reflections. Aromas of ripe dominate (honey ...). A round mouthfeel complemented by a feeling of freshness thanks to the mineral content of the rock. With hindsight, aromas of toasted almonds, hazelnuts are discovered.

閃亮的金黃色。洋溢著成熟的葡萄果子香(猶如蜂蜜)。 清新的感覺襯托著一股圓潤豐滿的口感;這是拜當地特殊岩石裏面蘊含的礦物質所賜。底韻滲透出烤杏仁的香氣,您還會發現佳釀裡有著榛子香。

Critic's Rating 專家點評:

Pt: 91

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