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Pride of Champagne – Avize 香檳區之光 – 阿維茲

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Pride of Champagne by Tina Cellar

Pride of Champagne – Avize – Some rare back vintages vieilles vignes. It has been trendy for quite a while in the States and Japan to pursuit Grower Champagne for enjoyment of character and terroir. HK as the Asian fashion center in every aspects should not stays behind. Among the 17 Grand Crus of Champagne, Avize is very remarkable for the number of old vines they have. As most wine lovers know wine made from “ vieilles vignes” will be extra complex due to the micro elements that their long roots can get from sub-soil. Everybody knows the super star in Avize, the Jacques Selosse , yet there is a very modest neighbor LE Brun Servenay is glowing silently next to it. With 7 hectares of vineyard, it has been several generations of “ father to son know how “ that Le Brun Servenay kept as family tradition. Their style silkily smooth like organza but long and deep finish. It just slips through your throat to your stomach without notice then you realize you are really drinking when it lingers. The floral note is distinctive. When it is in your glass, you will feel like standing in the middle of Avize in late April surrounded by the grape blossoms. 80% of crops are Chardonnay and the rest Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir. The 2004 vintage of their old vine cuvee Exhilarante scored 94 from Robert Parker.

香檳區之光 – 阿維在美國和日本,追求“農戶自釀”香檳,享受其獨特的個性及屬土風格已經流行了好一段日子; 作為亞洲各方面的時尚中心的香港,沒有理由甘於後人。 在香檳17個法定頂級種植區之中,阿維茲以種有可觀數量的老藤見稱。 大部分的飲家都知道“老藤”標意味著額外豐富的內涵, 皆因長長的根可以在泥土深層攝取微量元素。 人人都知道香檳阿維茲巨星-積克薩魯斯,但您可知道離他不遠處有一位低調的鄰居,布朗撒文尼在傍處幾靜靜地幽光潛發? 七畝地數代父子相傳的技術是他們家的家族傳統,風格以如柯根紗般滑溜而且餘韻深邃綿長見稱。入口會不知不地溜到胃裡去,直至回甘時才發覺喝了美酒。花香也十分精彩,酒在杯中聞起來使你覺得如置身暮春的阿維茲,被葡萄花包圍著80%是莎當尼,其他是粉墨品諸。 2004 年份的神仙水配方,被羅撥.栢嘉評94分。

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