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Muscat Trio Let’s date 3 at a time

All wine beginners find Muscat irresistible due to its charming floral note, especially note of roses. Nearly all wine country grows this varietal. For gracious and complex , you may have it from Rhone , Muscat de Baumes de Venise. For bright and lively, you may find it in Moscato D’Asti from Piedmont , Italy. And most of the time, they are made sweet.


I have recently encountered an amazing cold region Alsatian Muscat. It was like fully ripen fruits , nearly raisins on the nose with elegant white rose petals mingled with white tea and jasmine. I thought that it is a refreshing sweet wine, it happened to be a very dry white when I sipped it; permeated with subtle notes of Longnan and Lychee. It was so elegant and sophisticated, chewy with intriguing evolutions in the glass. It was so much full of surprise that I seldom come across an elaboration of Muscat this way.


Hey wine maniacs, why not a horizontal tasting?



麝香三重奏 - 添香何須紅袖


初學葡萄品鑑的朋友無不喜歡麝香那過路溪錢(引死人) 的花香,尤其是玫瑰香。全球都有種植這品種。雍容華貴的有法國隆尼河谷的維尼斯布夢丘,明媚活潑的有義大利皮埃蒙特的氣泡麝香,普遍認為麝香葡萄是甜酒。








Italian Beauty 義國佳人

Montalbera Moscato D’Asti San Carlo 2015

HKD 238
Luca Maroni 90/99

Typical intensity of Muscat varieties with notes of sage and orange blossom.

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Rhone Creature 隆尼尤物

Xavier Muscat de Beaume de Venise 2014

Robert Parker 89 

It gives up full-flavored, decadent notes of honeyed pineapples, apricot and white flowers to go with a pure, rich, unctuous, yet lively feel on the palate. It’s a shame these wines don’t get more play in the market today, as they’re incredibly unique and versatile on the table as well (with cheese, starter/appetizers or any number of fruit desserts).


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Alsatian Goddess 阿爾薩斯女神

Laurent Bannwarth Muscat Nature 2014

HKD 398 ( Annual production 1200 bottles) 

A very aromatic dry wine to spring nose.


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