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哪日旡酒那日愁 A Day without Wine is a Day without Sunshine


在家抗疫的日子如果家有巧婦丶或自身是良庖,來個私房酒食配其實也蠻不錯。就怕家有萌娃,有時為了遷就董事長,也得啃老麥比薩。這種情況下總不會開瓶孛艮地丶巴羅洛吧!與其跟啤酒汽水,不如一瓶鄉村酒 !配便餐最理想不過。




A Day without Wine is a Day without Sunshine

It is indeed quite cool to stay home for food and wine pairing during the pandemic if you have a good cook. The problem is you have to please the little ones for McDonald and Pizza Hut. I guess you would rather save your Burgundy or Barolo for more serious occasions. A bottle of Vin de Pays would be a better choice than beer or soft drinks. 

La Petit Chat Malin comes from Languedoc and is made from carefully selected parcels of Grenache Noir, Syrah and Carignon; sustainable though not officially registered organic. It is pretty pure and natural. It is full of red berries, soft and smooth tannins mingles with sweet spices, very delicious with another 5 years of drinking window. It would be very good marching with BBQ and pizzas when it is slightly chilled. 

Bin End Special Offer, no free delivery, goods sell while stock last!


Le Petit Chat Malin Rouge 2019 0.75

小奸貓紅酒2019 0.75

 原價 Original:HKD168

清貨價 Special: HKD 99.90


條款 Terms and Conditions :

Special price items no free delivery service.

Pick up place 12/F Infinitus Plaza 199 Des Voeux Road Central.

Business Hours: 9:00am to 18:00pm Mon to Fri.

Customers have to pick up on or before 20 May 2022.

Delivery Charge HK Island $120 / Kowloon $200 / NT $300

Goods sell while stock lasts.

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