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古來稀的普洱 Old and Rare Pu'er



天娜茶語  古來稀的普洱





雖則不確定出處,久經歲月沉澱亦藴藉深厚,難怪賣到天價亦有人追捧!遺憾的是市面上假貨和陳壞的貨色太多了。冲了六丶七泡後湯色如墨,眼見有人中伏,怎忍心告知真相敗人雅興!遇到這些場面,要麼養金魚、要麽托詞扮李白:酒仙(走先)。雖然斷人衣食,子孫不昌,還是忍不住告訴茶友們, 不管是印級茶也好,號級茶也好,再老再陳,三到五泡後因該會變得清澈,儘管仍然深色。經過六七泡後依舊湯色如墨,要麼是惡菌感染、要麼就是人造色素。 




Old and Rare Pu'er 

The ever-changing weather caused my coughing, and it seemed like the prelude to a flu! It is time to drink some old tea to nourish my throat. Since I discovered the beauty of Acient Arbor Tea 4 years ago, I simply forgot my collections of old tree tea. Many of them have been sitting silently in my cellar. And my old tree broad leaf Puer is now at least 70 years old. 

It is in loose tea, there is no label, but the faint fragrance of green camphor and light red dates tell me that it should be Yibang District tea. This tea has been kept in the antique purple clay vat of the early National China, and the condition is still very good and healthy. The first brew was inevitably dusty, the juice was a bit cloudy, the second brew was bright and clear, the lotus fragrance was overflowing, and the taste was clean and crispy. I thought that after drinking the full bodied millennium Ancient Arbor Tea for several years, I would think that the conventional tea is thin and the tea “Qi” may not be as surging as that of Ancient Arbor, surprisingly, the Qi of this has a strong stamina. The first two brews were nothing, and after three minutes, my back sweated unnoticeably.  

It is similar to the Chinese martial art theory: Do not challenge a young Chad of free fight, nor senior weapon player. I had made 15 infusions with this tea and it was still sweet. Then I further extracted the flavour by distilling it for 3 times. 

The producer of this tea is unknown, after ageing for 70 years, it is complex, concentrated, and intriguing. No wonder old tea sold at an unreachable price is still mostly sought after. It's a pity that there are too many fakes and bad stuff on the market. Some tea after six or seven brews, the juice is like muddy ink. Seeing someone being subdued, how can I tell the truth and disappoint the tea owner while having fun! When I come across these scenes, I shall either drink slowly, or find an excuse to leave early. 

Although telling the truth might cause negative result to some tea merchants of both good and bad faith , I still can't help telling the tea buddies, whether it is <Seal-Grade > tea or < Old Tea House-grade> tea, no matter how old it is, juice will become clear after three to five brewseven it is still deep in colour. After six or seven infusions, if the juice is still like muddy ink, it is most probably a bad bacterial infection, or it is artificial colouring. 

Many tea lovers do not collect Purple Clay tea vat thinking that the resell value of a vat is much lower than that of a pot, especially for the big ones. Value as a collectible is low also. Well, if one collects for speculating, I shall have no comments. To experience real artisan back vintage Pu’er tea without ageing it in a proper purple clay vat; it is exactly like ageing Havana cigars without a humidor; one cannot get the best out of it.



70 Years Old Broad Leaves Puer 

 HKD1650 /30g


條款Terms & Conditions 


No delivery service for rare and precious item. Please feel free to make appointment for tasting.


取貨地址:上環德輔道中199號無限極廣場12 樓。

Collection place: 12/F Infinitus Plaza 199 Des Voeux Road Central Sheung Wan HK.


時間Time:9:00AM-18:00PM 星期一至五(Mon-Fri


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