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All the Way is Duck to the Power 3 全鴨三次方




客官們的主觀感覺我們無法測量,但是次活動的門票肯定三倍超值。全新設計的Pinot Duck Wanchai 、加特級產區的小農香檳、還有德國Speigelau 酒杯作紀念品,仍然是去年的價格每位HK688+10%。還未算當晚即場購買香檳折扣呢!


日期:2018 5月4日
地點:Pinot Duck 灣仔
收費:HKD 688+10% 

All the Way is Duck to the Power 3

It is believed that Champagne is an aphrodisiac. Some says to pair duck dishes with Pinot Noir, Dopamine will be stimulated. In Australia, the wine and dine movement of the “Duck Crawl” has matched quite a few couples.

What if pairing Duck dishes with Pinot Champagne, plus the spring air under moonbeam, would the heart pounding synergy be multiplied?

We cannot measure the subjective feeling of our guests. However, we are pretty sure that the value of our event ticket is multiplied for the brand new designed Pinot Duck Wanchai, Grand Cru Grower Champagne and a Speigelau wine glass made in Germany as a gift. And we charge the same old price as last year HKD 688+10% per head. Not including the special on spot discount of Champagne Sale.

I tell you secretly that I discovered accidentally the psychological explanation of why Champagne is an aphrodisiac. I shall let you know during the party.

Date: 4 May 2018
Time: 7:00 pm
Venue: Pinot Duck Wanchai
Price: HKD688+10 %


時間: 2018年5月4日

地址: 香港灣仔聯發街18號

訂座: 3182 7370(工作時間)


Time:4 May 2018

Address: Ground Floor, 18 Lun Fat Street,Wanchai, Hong Kong

Reservation: 3182 7370 (office hours)

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