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Wild at Heart Melts Your Heart 心太騷 心太酥

心太騷 心太酥


香港人不嗜甜,恐怕是營養過多罷。神級廚藝巨匠Alain Ducasse 認為甜品過甜會扼殺食材的天然真味。完全同意。


去年開了一瓶Movia Lunar 2008 Ribolla Gialla 配Lady M 的黑松露巧克力。月夜下與法國的朋友們三人一口氣幹掉了一整合巧克力及一整瓶酒。Lunar Ribolla 那股特有的桂花香滲人心肺,醸酒師鬼斧神工把酒精收壓得似有還無,仿如伏明霞高臺跳水不見水花。與巧克力撞擊出活潑的酸度,催迫你一口接一口的吃喝下去。那感覺叫人骨也酥。

酒迷都知道Movia 的當家Ales Kristancic 與 義大利橙酒教父Josco Gravner 亦師亦友。Lunar 與Gravner 是同一理念。分別是Gravner 用陶瓶;Lunar 用特別設計、在桶頂開氣閥的法國橡木,且絕對旡人為幹預。我的前僱主Sergio Esposito 在2009年曾經說過,喝了Gravner的Ribolla, 再喝Lunar 覺得她像玩具。事隔九年,我對這評語十分保留。恰恰是那孛根木桶正正是不幹預中的幹預,賦予Lunar 的嫵媚與細膩。

手上還有Lunar Ribolla 2008或以前的酒迷,請好好珍惜!已絕版了。追貨得考慮2013。

四月三十是花日。玩味Lunar Ribolla的花香可擇此日。

Ales Kristancic這亦正亦邪、亦神亦鬼的傢夥,得借林黛玉名句一詠:

儂 今 釀 酒 人 笑 癡
他 年 醉 儂 知 是 誰
試 看 斑 鬢 酒 漸 熟
便 是 酒 狂 封 聖 時 

Wild at Heart Melts Your Heart

30th April while the moon is gleaming, a wonderful moment for wine tasting

Hongkies do not like sweets, most probably because we are all have the issue of over nutrition. Divine level of culinary artist Alain Ducasse says that too much sweet will kill the natural flavor of the ingredient of a dessert. I cannot agree more.

I do not like the idea of having sweet wine to pair with dessert. Sweet wine plus sweets equals to too much. I always think that a fine sweet wine itself is the dessert.

Last year I opened a bottle of Movia Ribolla Gialla 2008 to pair with Lady M Truffle Chocolate. Under the moonbeam at the pier of my family restaurant with my two French friends, we ate up the whole box of chocolate and finished the whole bottle. The unique osmanthus aroma penetrated all through to my heart. The wine maker conjured the alcohol to nearly unnoticeable as if our Tower Diver Queen Fu Ming Xia diving without splashes. The wine clashed with the chocolate and activated a vivid acidity that lured you keep eating and drinking bid by bid and sip by sip. Such feelings intoxicated my bone marrow.

Most wine fans know that Ales Kristancic of Movia and the God Father of Orange Wine Josco Gravner are good friends and like student and mentor. Both Lunar and Gravner are made under the same philosophy that the least human intervention is practiced. The difference is that Gravner use amphora and Lunar use specially designed French oak barrel with a valve on top. My ex-boss Sergio Esposito said once in 2009 that after tasting Josco Gravner’s Ribolla Amphora, Movia Lunar Ribolla was like a toy. I remained reserved on his statement after 9 years. The use of French oak is the intervention of non –intervention that gives finesse and femininity to Lunar.

For those who collected Movia Lunar Ribolla 2008, please treasure it because it is no longer available on the market. If you would like to stock up, it has to be vintage 2013.

30 April 2018 is a flower day. Try to enjoy Lunar on this day.

I have to borrow a rhyme from the Dream of the Red Chamber to praise this Angel and Demon type of wine maker, Ales Kristancic:

Today I make wine and people tease my lunacy.

Tomorrow who will intoxicate me with his artistry?

Let’s wait when your hair turns silvery,

It might be time that you see insanity as divinity.


Movia Lunar 2013 1 Lit Limited Edition

HKD 468

Terms and conditions 條款 

- 100% advance payment prior to delivery. 百分百貨款送貨前預付。

- Minimum order HKD 3000 for free delivery or HKD 98 surcharge. 購滿港幣3000免費送貨或港幣98附加費。

-Goods sell while stock lasts. 數量有限、售完即止。


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