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貴人出門招風雨 金風送爽接貴人 Autumn Breeze Invites Beau Ames


貴人出門招風雨 金風送爽接貴人



秋老虎丶日頭毒,𠙖海嚐冰鎮香檳,一樂也。開了一瓶莫飛雅2010麥林装的"純純"白氣酒。天呀!白松露香撲面而來,夾雜橘子花和 檸檬的底蘊,驚為天人!





Autumn Breeze Invites Beau Ames

How nice to have Easterly wind in the fall that blows away the humidity and the annoying mood for months.

My humble family restaurant is so fortunate to have entertained remarkable people like the Flying Porcelain Man, Chefs of the Asia Best 50 and the big beauty from Taiwan.

I guessed nothing could be more appropriate than having a sparkling wine by the sea under the bright day light of Autumn. I opened a bottle of Movia Puro White 2010 magnum. By Jove! My face was attacked by a big punch of white truffle aromas, with under note of citrus flower and lime. What a big beauty!

Most drinkers praised Movia Puro Rose for its subtle orchid scent and the charming rose colour of light burgundy. In addition to her “Iron fist in velvet glove “type of properties that is so versatile with all kinds of cuisines. It is inevitable that Puro Rose out shines Puro White. To my surprise that after 9 years of ageing, this unnoticeable little girl turned up to be as beautiful as a white lotus blossom. It was nearly untouchable like an angel.

Puro white is a blend of Chardonnay, Ribolla and Pinot Gris. Ribolla gives country style, Pinot Gris offers good body and back bone and Chardonnay adds charisma and elegance.

I checked my biodynamic calendar, it was a root day. No wonder it smells white truffle so apparently, after all truffle is a root plant. Who says root day is not a good drinking day? It is all about serendipity.

I have very few White Puro 2010 left. The 2011 has just been bottled and released. Don’t miss it if you want to see her charms.

Movia Puro White 2011 0.75 Original HKD 460 per bottle
Early Bird Offer HKD 3,852 per case of 9 bottles
Movia Puro White 2011 1.5 litre Original HKD 920 per bottle
Early Bird Offer HKD 2,952 per case of 4 bottles

莫飛雅 純純白汽酒 2011 0.75 原價HKD460/瓶
早鳥優惠 HKD3,852 一箱9瓶

莫飛雅 純純白汽酒 2011 1.5升 原價HKD469/瓶
早鳥優惠 HKD2,952 一箱4瓶


This wine is made with Champagne Method. It is undisgorged to keep it fresh. Please click below link to watch how to disgorge the wine. For full case purchase, a special opener with come with the wine.

Terms and conditions 條款 :

-Pre-arrival products ETA late November 2019. 預售貨品預期2019年11月底到港。
-100% advance payment to secure order. 百分百預付確認訂單。
-prices inclusive of consolidated air -shipping from Slovenia to HK. 以上價格包括斯洛文尼亞到香港集裝空運費。
-Early bird offer valid until 30 Sep 2019. 早鳥優惠至2019年9月30日。
-For order above HKD 3000, local delivery charge wavered, otherwise a surcharge of HKD 120. 港幣3千以上免本地運費,或附加費HKD120。
-In case we loss the bid , full amount will be refunded within 14 working days without interests . 如不中標,原銀不含息14個工作天內奉還。
-Macau and PRC delivery charge to be quoted separately. 澳門國內運費另報。

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