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茶喝古樹 酒喝老藤 Old Vines vs Ancient Tea Tree

茶喝古樹 酒喝老藤









Old Vines vs Ancient Tea Tree

Tasting Puer Tea from 3200 Year Old Tea Tree

Serendipity is amazing. Last year I came across a friend who has been very kind and taught me how to appreciate tea from Native plant tree. The definition of native plant tree means that tree indigenous to a given area in geological time. This includes plants that have developed, occurred naturally, or existed for many years in an area. The older the tea tree, the more minerals and micro elements it contains; and more beneficial to well-being. Tea from ancient Native Plant tree is very pure and precious.

How old is an ancient tree? Many says you may call it ancient if the tree is more than 300 years old. No matter making pressed tea or loose tea, it is very valuable, yet still affordable. Some very senior insiders tell me that if the tree is less than 1000 year old, you cannot tell how good it is. So how old is a living ancient tree? According to the reference books, between Sichuan and Yunnan, there are living tea trees of more than 3000 year old. Because of this, the theory of Sichuan is the origin of tea is more reliable when places like Sri Lanka, India, Guizhou and Yunnan claimed themselves as the motherland of tea tree.

While famous brand tea is now speculated to an unaffordable price, tasting ancient tree tea sounds dreamy. It is a fantasy for humble white-collar like me. With a kiss from the Lady Fortune, a very good friend shared with me her collection of vintage 1985 Puer pressed tea from 3200 years old tree. How awesome!

The first infusion smelt South Jujube. I felt the Qi Immediately and my neck bone relaxed. For the second infusion, it smelt very subtle orchid and I felt a stream of energy flow through my spine. For the 3rd infusion, aroma of green plume appeared and my fingers started to sweat. My arm pit sweated as well for the 4th infusion. After around 20 something brews, the flavor was becoming weak. My friend simmered it with a Japanese Dragon Seal iron kettle, it offered toasted wheat and honey aromas. It is fascinating.

My pathway of tea and wine is quite similar. When I started, I sought for famous producers which are more crafted. As I learned more, I realized the precious of pureness. Like biodynamic wine, Native planted tree tea will be interpreted as very light if one’s taste buds have got use to the style of mainstream products. However, the serenity and natural subtlety is very inviting.

Goodies are meant to be shared with good friends. On 16 November noon, I am hosting a Ancient Tree Tea Party on HK Island. Venue to be confirmed. Cost per head is around HKD 998 +10%. Interested party please PM me.


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