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吃在深秋 Autumn Tales of Gourmet

吃 在 深 秋








Autumn Tales of Gourmet

As expert says that our body will store up fats in Winter and Fall automatically, why not stop losing weight for a quarter and enjoy good food in the Autumn?

The first Northerly wind blows, and Brother Tan’s cured meat and sausages are on the market! Brother Tan is another inspirational story in our restaurant industry. When he was young and dropped out of school, he started as an apprentice in Lianxiang Lou dim sum restaurant, and climbed all his way to the  Spring Moon, Peninsula. Later, he started his business venture of restaurant supplies and developed well. The homemade cured meat project was originally just for retrieving the deliciousness of childhood, but he did not expect it to become a branch of the business after nearly ten years of manufacturing. Adhere to natural raw drying, high-quality materials, ready to be slaughtered, no additives. 

This year's Rose Meat sausage is the best in the past five years. The fat is moderate, the lean meat is soft and loose, and the elderly can also chew. The aged Mandarin peel used for duck liver sausages has been up graded this year, and the proportion is just right. It did not grab the edge of rose wine and duck liver. Very harmonious. Cure pork belly is made from selected pork belly strips with distinct layers! The skin is also crispy. Duck legs are bland, and it is suitable for steam or stew. 

Like last year, regardless of cost, it aims to pay back to fans and never increase prices.

If you think Iberico ham, Chorizo and Salami are better than Cantonese cured meat, most probably you haven't tasted Tan’s cured meat before!

When Northerly wind cease, work will be closed. If you miss this season, you have to wait for next year! 


Rose Wine Pork Sausages

HKD 198/500g



Duck Liver Sausages




Cured Pork Belly



臘鴨腿 2

Cured Duck Leg 2 pieces pack

HKD 65



Order on Monday and arrival on Friday, to be collected at 12/F Infinitus Plaza 199 Des Voeux Road Central





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