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鐵漢柔情論《摯友》 Softness in a Masculine Way





釀酒師Frederic Renoux 是典型自然派的發燒友。他的珍藏版很少對外發售。今次在央求下來了三十瓶,十分可喜。一貫老實威,沈穩剛勁帶野味騷和果醬風。最驚喜是那滑如絲絨、厚實而不膩的感覺。即使是厚如意大利托斯卡納馬雷馬區的成熟美樂珠,也提供不了這質感。澎湃的紅黑漿果,單寧豐富而幼細,滑不留喉!其厚其滑,可以嫓美幾近失傳的豬油粉。喝過這酒,覺得以前試過的只能叫色丁或阿根紗!Fredric 把絲赫葡萄的滑發揮到極致 !


Softness in a Masculine Way

The “Les Amis” from Chateau Landra collection is made from Syrah and Grenache grapes.

For some reason, this wine me the first impression of Jin Jiuling, the embroidery robber from the sword man romance Lu Xiao Feng series by author Gu Long. The number one hit man among the royal detectives and intelligence agents of the Imperial Palace in Ming dynasty.

The winemaker Frederic Renoux is a typical decipel of Mother Nature. His collector's edition is rarely sold. This time I begged 30 bottles, which is very gratifying. Always honest and prestigious, well-structured, and vigorous with gamey and jammy style. The most pleasant surprise is the velvety, concentrated but not untuous feeling. Even mature Merlot as rich as Maremma in Tuscany, Italy, cannot provide this texture. The surging red and black berries, rich and fine tannins, slid down your throat without any trace! I would describe it as the vanishing Hakka lard rice pasta. It is rich and smooth. After drinking this wine, I think the ones I have tried before can only be called satin or organza. This wine deserves a metaphor of velvety. Frederic has elaborated the smoothness of Syrah to the utmost.

There are twenty bottles left, the faster one gets!


龍德拉堡 《摯友》 法國 隆尼河谷 旺圖村 乾紅2012 0.75 
Chateau Landra < Les Amis> Ventoux Dry Red 2012

HKD 408


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