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良人擇木而飲 Birds Choose the best woods to dwell. Gentlemen choose the best tree to drink



兩週前我的美麗寶島客户帶了一眾美少婦來捧場,豈有不躬親之理。為她們備了Champagne Marcel Moineau 2010 Blanc De Blancs,因為她們都愛吃炸品。剛勁肥厚的Grand Cru Chouilly村素有香檳中的Meursault美譽,皆因她的厚度,足以抵消銅蠔的碘質。賓主同歡!

愛勃艮第白的飲家都知道Meursault有粟米丶牛油香丶太妃糖香,伴和牛也綽綽有餘。隨著厲害國的炒風,Meursault 的身價亦水長船高,動輒也上千了!




Birds Choose the best woods to dwell.  Gentlemen choose the best tree to drink

A fortnight ago, my Taiwanese VVIP brought her beautiful girl friends to visit my family restaurant. For sure I had to show her the best. They all loved deep fries and so I paired dishes with Champagne Marcel Moineau Blanc de Blans 2010 Grand Cru Chouilly. Chouilly is reputed as the Meursault of Champagne for its robust and full body that go well with the strong iodine of Belon oysters. Both the host and the guests were very satisfied.

All Bourgogne lovers know that the most distinctive character of Meursault is the reminiscent of corn, butter, and toffee. It even goes well with Vagyu beef. With the speculation of the Big Country New Money, nowadays price of Meursault is no longer friendly.

Perhaps it is a kind of Celestial Induction, I discover the Meursault of tea a week later.

Last year my tea buddy gave me a small bag of 3200-year-old ancient tree Yunnan Baoshan Puer Green Tea Cake 2019 Spring Harvest. Since it traveled a bit and was too new, I would like to settle it for a while before tasting. Then I forgot. Last month I moved my apartment and dug out this little bag of tea from the chaos. I tasted it and was stunned by its beauty. Although she is still a tiny baby, it possesses all elements of a big beauty. Reminiscents of Michelia, plume, old sandal wood, lotus, jujube are all there and a unique scent of sweet corn like Meursault is overwhelming. The more I brewed it, the more concentrated it was. The mouthfeel is very rich, it is even a little bit sticky on the lips. Credits go to the rich Pectin that old tree possesses. The new tea from ancient tree do not need a long time ageing to achieve the effects of calming, relaxing and cleansing of mind. These effects are not contradictory. It is some what like the brain wave of Gamma. I made 15 infusions out of this tea and distilled it for seven times. After tasting the authentic ancient tree tea from abor, tea from snhrub becomes a grade ten kid to me.

I used to envy vineyard owner having a vineyard of good Feng Shui to build good foundation for descendants. Now I envy even more for the ancient Puer tea tree owner to nurture their descendants for millenniums! Mother Earth is really amazing!





Yunnan Baoshan 3200 Years Old Ancient Tree Puer Tea Green Cake 357 gm


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