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約會一萬二千年 Dating with Twelve Thousand Years







據說日本的起源,極有可能是來自雲南。有學者專門研究照葉樹林文明;其中的東亞半月弧,覆蓋了喜馬拉雅至日本,甚至有人認為 該文明延續至中東及澳紐。水稻和茶葉是這文明的主要證據。這一波文明的重心就在雲南。估計照葉文明有一萬二千年的歷史,而地球上最老的樹有五千歲。經過專家認證的三千二百年的古茶樹,如今還在雲南的鳳慶。這樹受國家保護,我們沒緣品嚐。可是在雲南和柬埔寨的邊境,還有大片的原始森林,蘊藏上千年的野生古樹。 天娜酒窖有幸搜羅到三千年以上的古樹與茶迷分享。







費用:每位HKD988 + 10% 




Dating with Twelve Thousand Years


The charm of Ancient Arbor Tea is really irresistible!


Most of the teas we come into contact with are artificially planted on terrace, and there are few ancient trees that are thousands of years old. Only in Yunnan there are wild ancient arbors that are thousands of years old. You may wonder, is there such an ancient arbor still alive?


It is said that the origin of Japan is most likely from Yunnan. Some scholars specialize in the study of the Evergreen Broadleaf Forest civilization; the East Asian Half Moon Arc covers the Himalayas to Japan, and some even believe that the civilization extended to the Middle East and Australia and New Zealand. Rice and tea are the main traits of this civilization. The Centre of this culture is in Yunnan. Evergreen Broadleaf Forest civilization is estimated to be 12,000 years old, and the oldest tree on Earth is 5,000 years old. The 3,200-year-old tea tree certified by experts is still in Fengqing, Yunnan. This tree is protected by the state, and we have no chance to taste it. However, on the border between Yunnan and Cambodia, there are still large tracts of virgin forest, containing thousands of years of wild ancient arbors. Tina Cellar is fortunate to have sourcing of ancient arbor tea over 3,000 years old to share with tea fans.


Adhering to the success of the tea gathering of "Rendezvous Avec Neuf Milles Ans ", Ming Court and Tina Cellar once again joined hands to present <Dating with Twelve Thousand Years> tea lunch, featuring a vertical tasting of 4 vintages of Puer tea from the 3200 Years old ancient arbor of Baoshan, to let you experience the essence of this ancient culture.


Date : 12 Nov 2022

Time : 12:00pm

Venue :  Ming Court , the Cordis Hong Kong

Cost :  HKD 988+10% per guest



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